Caribbean Adventure: Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Our final port on the cruise before heading back home was Cozumel, Mexico.  We didn’t stick around to see or do anything in Cozumel, as we had an excursion booked to see the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum.  So, since this was a 7 hour tour, as soon as we got off the ship, we hopped aboard a ferry.  It was a bit of a rough ride, but we got to see a pod of dolphins jumping along side of the ferry, which was awesome!  After 45 minutes or so, we reached Playa del Carmen.  Boy was it gorgeous!  Definitely on my list of places to go back to!  The water was just breathtaking it was so blue!

 After getting off the ferry, we had to get on a bus for another 45 minute ride or so.  Right before getting to the ruins though, the bus stopped off at a big shopping area, so everyone could use the restrooms, change into swim gear if they wanted & pick up some souvenirs.  I opted for my typical magnet and a bar of Mexican white chocolate, which was mighty tasty & disappeared in about 30 seconds!  We were lucky & had an awesome tour guide, Pamela & she talked the entire bus ride and loaded us full of information on the area.

When we arrived, we walked through a little market area and then it was a good mile hike to the Mayan Ruins.  It wouldn’t have been bad, but man was it HOT!  I have never sweat so much….it was just so humid and no breeze.  Luckily it was a bit overcast or it would have been even hotter.  Once we reached the ruins, Pamela stopped and filled us in on the whole history of the Mayans and then let us go and explore.  I was a bit disappointed that everything was roped off, so you could only look….no going inside any of them.  It was pretty cool to get to see everything though, so I can say I’ve seen it.  If you’d like to read more of the history aspect of the ruins, check out Simply Stephanie’s post on the trip.

We had the most fun just running around getting quick pictures so we could head back & get some grub, since it was past our normal lunch time.  See how gorgeous the water in Mexico is?  There were some truly magnificent views since the ruins are right on the coast.  I can never get enough of ocean views like these!

Once we make the trek back to civilization, we spotted an air conditioned restaurant and that’s where we headed.  We had to eat some authentic Mexican food while in Mexico.  So we ordered some Coke, which Stephanie tried to spill…actually, she was successful & they had to bring out the mop.  Next time I’ll bring her a sippy cup!  Anyways, we ordered our food…I didn’t get what I ordered since I confused him by trying to get cheese on my chicken enchiladas instead of green sauce, so I ended up with cheese enchiladas with no sauce….basically a quesadilla, but it hit the spot.

When we were all done, we headed back for the bus ride back to the ferry.  This time I believe the ferry ride back was a lot rougher than in the morning.  We sat on the lower deck in the a/c on the trip back, so we sat up front which is enclosed and has windows all around it you would have thought we were going through a car wash the way the water was hitting the windows.  We were rocking so much, we had to keep ourselves entertained so keep from getting motion sick.  I think Stephanie had a death grip on my arm as she sang, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as I laughed hysterically.  One of those memories I’ll think back on in a few years and literally laugh out loud.

Once we hit shore, we jumped on board the ship & got cleaned up super quick, so we could make it to dinner with our table.  And then we ended the night by posing for more silly pics.  The End.

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