Caribbean Adventures: Grand Cayman – Dolphin Encounter

The second part of of our excursion in Grand Cayman was a dolphin encounter!  Remember how I said there were 6 people in our group, well four of them had gotten a few extras added to their excursion, so Stephanie & I got a dolphin all to ourselves!  It was AWESOME!

Meet Copernicus….isn’t he adorbs!

Honestly, we were really surprised at the amount of things we got to do with Copernicus.  When we first got in the water, we got introduced to Copernicus by the trainer and then the trainer told us to start swimming out quite a ways into the tank.  So we did & I was thrilled!  I got out there and the trainer told me I was going to get to dance with a dolphin.  So he instructed me to fist pump in the air and start spinning around in the water & no sooner that I started I was being accompanied by my buddy & laughing hysterically the whole time!  Totally my favorite part of the trip!

When we were all done dancing the day away, the trainer gave us a few other signals to try with Copernicus.  It’s basically Dolphin sign language & they speak it beautifully!  If we’d hold our hands a little bit over the water, he’d swim right under our hands.  Dolphins are so soft….I loved getting to give him a belly rub.  Did you know they have belly buttons?  They do!  He loved getting his massage…he’d just lay there like a dog.  Then I gave him the sign for a kiss & he planted a salty one on me…LOL!

The smack on the cheek was better….a lot less salty! 🙂

Then we got to see just how fast Copernicus was & man was he speedy!  I mean you’d see him jump way out and then before you even had the chance to look down he was right in front of you.  He reminded me of the butler off of “Mr. Deeds” *Very, Very, Sneaky”! (You just said that in your best latin accent and pronounced it “Berry, Berry, Sneaky”, didn’t you?) 🙂

Really, this experience was so much fun, it’s hard to even put into words!  If you ever get the chance to do a dolphin encounter….DO IT!  They are the most friendly, smart & fun creatures.  So, if you’re headed to Grand Cayman on a cruise anytime soon….bypass the beach…do the dolphin encounter!  So worth the money for the awesome memories and photos!  The only other thing I’d like to do someday is to do the swim with the stingrays excursion.

Stay tuned for the next big adventure….The Mayan Ruins!


4 thoughts on “Caribbean Adventures: Grand Cayman – Dolphin Encounter

  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! how cool that you got to swim with dolphins! and play with them! I had a very unhealthy dolphin obsession in middle school…and a piece of it still lingers inside me. 🙂

    • It was soooo much fun! You really need to put this on the top of your “To Do” list! You’ll never forget it….it’s awesome! Dolphins are so sweet! We saw them in the ocean a couple times, jumping next to the boat, which was cool too!

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