Howdy – from the Midwest!

Howdy, from the Midwest!  As much as I was dreading the cold weather, since I’ve become so acclimated to Florida weather, it’s been surprisingly warm for this time of year.  It’s been in the mid 40’s the whole time, which isn’t bad!  So glad that we haven’t had any snow and there is none in the forecast….yay!!  I don’t mind a dusting on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but it doesn’t seem to be in the forecast this year.  Oh well…doesn’t bother me!  It was even nice and sunshiny yesterday, which was nice to see, instead of the gloomy grey skies of winter.

Christmas is just around the corner….do you have all your shopping done yet?  The last of my packages came in the mail yesterday.  I managed to do all my shopping this year via  I hate shopping, so if I can find what I want online and have it delivered within 2 days with free shipping…I’m all over it!  The stuff I didn’t get myself, my fiance`, Dan picked it up and is bringing it with him.  Speaking of Dan….YAY…he’s driving in from Ohio tomorrow for the holiday!  I can’t wait to see my other half!  Hopefully, he’ll finally be moving down to Florida this summer….keep your fingers crossed!  This living apart stuff is for the birds!  It’s kind of weird this year, that we don’t have any presents under the tree yet.  We’re afraid Mr. Scooter will shred them if we dare place them under the tree.  It should make for an interesting Christmas Eve, when the presents finally get put under the tree.  And if Scooter did get into the gifts…it’s impossible to be mad at the little guy!  Look at this mug….could you be mad at this cutie??

Haha…didn’t think so!  He’s sitting on the back of my chair now, as I type, like a little gargoyle.  I’m usually more partial to Emmy the mini doxie, but since she’s preggers and due within the next couple of weeks & she’s kind of snippy right now.  She sleeps most of the time and when she’s not sleeping, she’s tormenting Scooter by playing with his stuffed bunny, which makes him very upset!  As much as I love dogs, I’m not looking forward to Ike the lab puppy that is coming over with my brother on X-mas Eve and spending the night.  He’s huge & hyper….not a good combo when the house is already full of people!  Eye-yi-yi!  He may look sweet and innocent, but looks can be deceiving! He reminds me of the clumsy reindeer on that movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen….I can picture him talking in that goofy kiddy voice too…lol!

Well, not really much going on.  Just enjoying spending time with the family.  It’s probably pretty obvious that I haven’t been up to much, since my last two posts have mostly been about the pups.  They kind of rule the roost here, so they can’t be ignored.  Plus, they’re just so darn cute.  I wish I could have a puppy, but I don’t think it’s fair that I would be at work all day and they’d have to stay home alone for so long by themselves, so I think of dogs, more like grandkids.  Love them to death, but so glad they go home with someone else at the end of the day.


So Good To Be Home!

Awww….it’s so good to be home for the holidays!  Sure, there may not be much to do in my tiny little town of 500, if that many people still live here, but it’s home!  I got up this morning, after sleeping like a rock from being so worn out from getting up so early to fly here yesterday & my dad fixed himself and I some good ‘ol french toast.  Then as we were sitting down to eat, I just happened to look out the french doors and started counting all the deer running through our yard…I counted 10 & I think I see a couple more a little later in the day.  I think it’s bow hunting season right now, so they must have been on the move.  Silly deer…if they’d just stay in our 3 or 4 acre pasture, they’d be safe.

Pretty Tree!

 This house seems small when you’ve got the whole family here now, plus one & one more on the way next weekend, plus THREE dogs!  My brother has a new puppy, Ike….& he’s a big one at that!  He’s about 4 months old & hyper as all get out and he can’t keep his footing on the hard wood floors at my parents very well, so he’s like Bambi on ice….kind of amusing! Ike is a silver lab with baby blue eyes…he’s a cutie, but so curious and likes to rough house with my parents dogs.  They have the cutest little miniature dachshund, Emmy.  And then they have acquired another dog, since I was home in February…he’s half pug, half chihuahua.  He’s a like a little mob boss with quite the mug and barks his head off if he doesn’t know you, so I got barked at for about 2 hours yesterday, and then for about 30 minutes when I came downstairs this morning. Sometimes I call him Elvis because his lip gets stuck on his tooth and he just has that Elvis look…lol!  I also found out Scooter’s been busy and got poor little Emmy knocked up…they think she’s due around January 10th or so.  I can’t imagine what these poor little pups are going to look like…haha.  Poor Emmy…she just waddles around the house and wants someone to hold her & she evidently is craving dog bones.  She dumped over the bag and thru herself on about 5 of them when my sister was trying to pick them up and then gobbled them up when she knew she was in the clear. Well, I’m sure you’re sick of reading about the pups, so I’ll talk to y’all later in the week!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…at least what’s left of it!

{Emmy, Emmy & Scooter, Scooter}

Finally On Vacation!

{photo credit}

YAY!  I’m finally on vacation for the next 12 days!  OMG….you have no idea how happy I am for this break!  I’ve been so scatter-brained this week, you could tell by today that I definitely need a vacation.  I tell ya, I must have been sleep walking this morning when I was getting ready because I got all my work clothes on and then left the house as usual.  Then when I get to work and get out of my car and start walking up to the building I notice a “clicking” noise & I look down and stupid me…I just slipped on my good ‘ol Nike soccer sandals when I left and didn’t even realize it!  DOH!  Luckily the boss wasn’t in, so I got away with that little boo-boo.  Then as I’m leaving the office today, I made sure everything was in order and then I shut my office door and start to walk out and realized I didn’t have my work badge and office key around my neck or in my purse, so I called security and waited around for them for about 10 minutes to come unlock my office door.  So I get back in my office and scan my desk and no badge….then I reach down and realize it was in my pocket the whole time….DOH!  Well, now my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…..go on…finish singing the line….you know you want to!  Called and scheduled a cab for 4:45am….whew, that’s going to be early.  I was going to park my car near the airport, but for the amount of time I’m going to be gone it’s going to cost about the same, if not a little cheaper, to just take a taxi.  Plus, I’ll feel better with my car at home, so it doesn’t look like I’m gone.  Now, as long as I get up in the morning & am more coherent than I was this morning….at least enough, so I manage to get on the right plane…then I’m good to go!  I’m going to try to blog a bit while I’m away, but just in case I get wrapped up with friends and family and don’t get around to it….MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

The Most Awesome Christmas Present!

Oh how I love Christmas!  I got my 3rd card of the season and my first Christmas present!  I just had to share a few pics because I love it so much!  I’ve always been a big Disney fan & one of my favorite movies is “Alice in Wonderland” & my favorite Disney character has always been the Cheshire Cat.  I’m not even a big fan of cats, but I just love him!  Anyways, the most awesome person ever brought me my Christmas present today and it was the most adorable tea press I had seen on a recent trip to Downtown Disney.  It has the characters from “Alice in Wonderland” silhouette’s cut out of the metal that surrounds the glass pitcher.  Then inside it has some delicious smelling Mad Tea Party Blend loose leaf tea.  Then to top it off, she got me another tin of loose leaf tea in an adorable tin with none other than the Cheshire Cat on the top!  And the smell of the Topsy Turvy Blend tea in that tin smells amazing!  Very orange-y!  I can’t wait to try some!  I’ve had the Mad Tea Party blend and it rocks!
I really have to hand it to the Disney crew that designs packaging for their products.  The creativity and comical humor that went into this packaging would make anyone smile!  I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when I read the instructions on the side of the tin on how to make tea!  It’s couldn’t get much better than that, unless I was actually at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  Which one of these days before I’m dead, I will have a Mad Hatter Tea Party with a Topsy Turvy Cake and all!  How cool would that be! Hella cool is right! Well, I’ll leave you with a few more pics….hope they make you laugh as much as I did!  Enjoy & may you have a very merry unbirthday!

If you want one of these for your very own you can get one here.

Counting Down the Days!

Whew…made it through Monday.  Now I only have 4 more days to make it through and then this chickie will be on a plane heading for the midwest!  Destination….middle of the corn fields….HOME!!  I can’t wait to see my friends and family.  I practically tear up with excitement just thinking about it.  It also makes me tear up thinking how cold it’s going to be after I’ve acclimated to Florida weather & find myself in a hoodie when the weather hits a chilly 70 degrees!  Yes, you heard me right….the girl that used to wear shorts when there was three feet of snow on the ground and not give it a second thought.  I tell ya, living in Florida spoils you!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!  Mine went by way to fast!  As long as this week jets by just as fast, I’m okay with that!  Then when I come back from my week and a half vacation I’ll be back at work for two days and then off for another three!  Too bad I don’t have anyone lined up to come visit for that long weekend!  Oh well, it’ll be a nice long weekend to just kick back and relax.

I finally broke down and joined Weight Watchers online last week.  I had been doing Jenny Craig prior in the year, but it just started getting expensive and I was so burnt out on the same foods.  The WW plan has changed a little bit since I tried it way back in the day, but for the better because fruits & veggies are free!  Had my first weigh in this morning after being on plan for a week & I was down 6.4lbs! It probably would have been more if I would have ate more veggies, but I’ll get there.  I’ve got to wean myself back to the point where I’m eating veggies for half of my meal.  So, I guess I’ll have to break out the wok this week and make some fresh stir fry….I make a damn good stir fry!

Has anyone been watching all of the fabulous Christmas movies?  They are my favorite type of movies!  I’ve been sucked into the ION television channel’s original Christmas movies that they have been running on Sundays.  I think I’ve watched them all.  I wish I got ABC Family…I always loved all of those movies as well, but I’ve noticed some on Netflix, so I’ll have to catch some on there when I get a chance.  I haven’t even watched my typical string of X-mas movies this year.  What are some of your absolute favorite movies?  I’ll list some of my favorites below.  Be warned….it may be a long list as they are all my favorite! 🙂

Random Things About Me

When catching up on my list of regular blogs I read, this weekend, I fell victim to another another one of Caitlin’s memes.  I have a hard time resisting filling out little surveys like this when I come across them, so here it is….don’t judge! 🙂

1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?
Probably the most unoriginal nickname ever….Sis.  When I was younger, it was Sissy, which I’m pretty sure I may have thought that was my name for a while because when I look back at pictures of murals I did when I was younger, I signed them “Sissy”.  Sissy, of course started because that’s what my little brother called me.  Now that we’re older if it’s not Sis…it’s Hey Sister…which sounds so Hulk Hogan…lol!

2. What’s a weird habit of yours? 
If I’m talking to someone with an accent or I’m visiting some place where there is a definite accent…I tend to start talking with the same accent.

3. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?
At the moment it’s “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez.  I secretly like to belt out all songs, but only when I’m by myself or I’ll get the neighborhood dogs howling in agony.  I suck!

4. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
People that are phony and will tell you one thing to your face and then turn around and throw you under the bus…Assholes!

5. What’s one of your nervous habits?
I bite my lip or laugh hysterically.

6. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Well, if I’m lying in the bed…I’m on the left side or center.  I just can’t sleep on the right side of the bed, unless I make it the right side of the bed by sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed on my side.  Confused yet?

7. What was your first stuffed animal & it’s name?
I think it was my red and white stuffed dog, which I just name Red Dog.

8. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?
I rotate between about three drinks…Caramel Apple Cider is the most frequent drink order, followed by a Mocha or Caramel Frappucino & last, but not least, a Chai Tea Latte.

9. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Wear Sunscreen….I do most of the time, but not always.

10. Which way do you face in the shower?
On the rare occasion that I take a shower (I’m a bubble bath girl), away from the water.

11. Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?
Not that I’m aware of, although I can roll my tongue, which I guess not everyone can do.

12. What’s your favorite ‘comfort food’/food thats ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?
Toast…that’s why I don’t buy bread and I threw away the toaster when I moved a year ago.

13. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say? 
Dammit or OMG….I don’t really know…I don’t even pay attention to what I say…lol

14. Time to sleep – what are you wearing?
I only sleep in my undies!  

Knock, Knock….

Knock, knock….anyone still out there?  I took a brief break from posting during the Thanksgiving day holiday & I’ve just been too tuckered out to post anything any of the evenings this week when I’ve gotten home from work.    Hope everyones turkey day went well….mine was nice and relaxing.  We did nothing but eat, watch t.v. and play Wii golf all weekend.  My fiance and I attempted to check out Wal-mart when they opened up at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day and it was INSANE!  We grabbed a couple of things and went straight home and I refused to go back out for the midnight sales, so I went to bed and let my fiance venture out on his own since he likes to shop.  He was out all night, but I’m pretty sure he came home empty handed…lol.  Those crowds are crazy!

I’m getting so excited….only two more weeks until I’m a plane again, heading to my parents house for a week and a half!  Can’t wait to see everyone!  My last time home was in February.  Hopefully, it won’t be another year before I see everyone again after this visit….that’s the sucky thing about living so far away.  Luckily, I get three weeks of vacation a year, but even that doesn’t seem to stretch as far as I’d like, when you try to plan an actual vacation, but then want to fit in trips home to see family as well.

Anyways, just wanted to drop in and say “Hi”!  I’ll try to be better at posting this week!  Have a great weekend!