A Much Needed Saturday Out

Man…weekends are just too darn short!  After another crazy week at work this week, I decided I needed a day out on Saturday, so I made plans to meetup with some peeps at Downtown Disney around 1:00, so I could sleep in that morning and enjoy snuggling in my bed while the weather is cooler out.  Headed out the door around 12:30 and as soon as I got on I-4, it was a parking lot.  What is typically a 20 minute or so drive turned into a 50 minute drive….BLAH!  Once I finally got parked and met up with my peeps at the bar at Bongos, we decided to head over to Raglan Road for lunch.

RaglanRoadSince I slept in…I ended up eating a breakfast at 11:00, so I wasn’t hungry, so I just got dessert…bread pudding.  OMG…so good!  I would highly recommend getting this dessert if you get the chance, but you may want to order it and plan on sharing!  Unfortunately, I was only able to eat about 1/3 of the dessert, but since we were heading to the parks, I didn’t want to mess with getting it to go & everyone else was too full from there lunches to eat any of it.  It was really a shame for so much of it to go to waste….it was piping hot and came with a carmel sauce and a vanilla cream sauce that you could pour over the top of it….Nom,Nom,Nom!!  I’ll definitely be headed back to this place one of these days when I actually have an appetite!

RaglanRdBreadPuddingWhen we were all done, we headed for Epcot as our park of choice for the day.  It was nice and cool out and great weather for just walking around the park in a hoodie.  We ended up going on the Finding  Nemo ride & then The Land ride & then after that we walked around the World Showcase.  Unfortunately, the park was crazy busy for some odd reason…maybe because of the 3-day weekend for people with President’s Day off…not sure, but it was really odd for this time of year to see so many people.  To give you an idea…it was an hour wait if you wanted to do the little Viking boat ride in Norway, it was a 2 hour wait for Soarin’ & a 3 hour wait for Test Track!  Needless to say, after we walked completely around the World Showcase, we decided to check our Disney app to see what the wait times were like at Magic Kingdom & the other parks and they were insane.  So we decided to call it a day at the park.

I wasn’t in any hurry to go home, so a couple of us decided to just head back down to Downtown Disney and hit up a movie at the AMC movie theater.  We ended up deciding on “Hansel & Gretel”.  I love fairytale related stuff & I was quite curious on what kind of a twist they were going to put on this old fairytale.  The movie was actually pretty good to my surprise.  It was a bit too much on the guts and gore side for my taste, but it was still a pretty good movie.  Definitely not a kid friendly movie!  The witches are pretty “scary” looking and like I said…lots of blood and guts!

Hansel-and-Gretel-Witch-Hunters-2012-Movie-PosterAfter that, we called it a night and I headed home in another crazy amount of slow traffic on I-4.  So, by the time I got home, I just decided to have a nice hot cup of tea & read for the night before getting all cozy in bed.  All in all, it was a pretty good day out!

Feelin’ the Love!

As I’m not one of those people that celebrates Valentine’s day, as it seems like a “Hallmark” holiday to me, I am one to celebrate unbirthday’s & today is mine!  Yay!  Well, let me tell you…it’s been a pretty darn good unbirthday, besides the 4 separate conference calls I had to be on today & not being able to get much else done inbetween….I definitely felt the love this week, even though it was all Valentine’s Day themed…haha.  Earlier in the week, I walked into my office to find an earlier Valentine from by bestie that was super adorable.


See…I told you it was super adorable!  I cleared out the chocolate this week and then hung up the lid to the tin on my bulletin board.  I love me some old school Mickey & Minnie!

Then yesterday afternoon, before I closed up the office at work, my student worker came in and worked her magic on the front office and decked it out in pink and red decor all over the place.  It definitely caught everyones eye today!

IMG_1403And then….when I got into work this morning there were homemade cupcakes from Miss Decor & the other student worker, who is also Anti-Valentine’s day….she made heart shaped sugar cookies with black frosting and some had angry little faces on them…lol.  Cracked me up & they were pretty darn tasty too!  Then I walked into my office & had flowers, a handmade card & box of chocolates from my little decorator….such a little sweetheart!


IMG_1411I’m not a flower person either, but these were super cute and had pink confetti hearts all over the flowers…ADORBS!  Then the card was just the icing on the cake.  Definitely felt the love today!  Thanks girlie’s!


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Knock, knock….anyone still there?  Sorry I haven’t posted an actually written post for a couple weeks.  It’s been crazy on the work front, so by the time the evenings & weekends roll around I usually sit in a coma from all the craziness during the week.  This week has been one of the roughest weeks in a long time.


The Ugly: – Crazy & chaotic changes at work that are just not well thought out.  One of those things where you’re just so overwhelmed by everything, you just want to cry in the morning when your alarm goes off.

The Bad: One of my closest friends from high school lost his 2.5 yr old little superhero this week.  He laid down for a nap on Monday & never woke up.  It’s been such a heartbreaking week with all of the posts on Facebook.  The amount of strength and pure faith I’ve seen from his posts this week has been simply amazing.  It was also pretty amazing that they had a “Celebration of Life” vs. a funeral.  They asked that everyone wear a superhero shirt or character shirt that a 2 year old would approve of and to please not wear black.  Hundreds of people posted pics this week of their character shirts or superhero capes that they were sporting that day in memory of little Grayden.  And even more people changed there profile pics to a superhero in honor of this precious little angel.  The support they received this week was just overwhelming.  I’m so grateful that they were surrounded with so much love this week.  Since I was unable to make the trip from Orlando to St. Louis to be there, I was grateful for all the pics that were posted and people that took video of the balloon release after the celebration.  I was glad I was able so see those little bits & pieces from afar.

Grayden.CollageThe Good:  In exactly 4 hours I’ll be picking up my parents from the Orlando International Airport!  Woo-Hoo!  After a week like this, I need a damn hug from my parents!  They are in town for my dad’s conference that lasts thru Wednesday afternoon, so they’ll be staying at the Disney Dolphin & Swan for the first part of the week & then they’ll be coming to my house until I have to take them back to the airport next Sunday.  Only plans we’ve got so far are dinner reservations at Disney’s Hoop De Doo Revue on Wednesday & then an airboat ride Thursday morning.  I’ll probably drag them up to the state park early Friday morning & show them all the manatees in the springs!  It’s an awesome site!  It’s been about a year since I was there last.

Manatees Galore at Blue Spring State Park

Since I’m a super awesome daughter…I went out this morning and rented a 2013 Dodge Dart for the week.  I only have an old 2-door car that I can’t run the A/C in or it sounds like it’s going to fall apart.  So, I opted to rent a four door car with A/C, because I know I hate climbing in and out of a 2-door car, so thought I’d make it easy on them.  It makes me nervous driving it though because they kind of make you feel really guilty if you opt out of insurance for the car, but it literally doubles the price, so I’ll just have to be super careful and hope everyone else on the road is too!

2013DodgeDartWell, that about wraps up my week…the good, the bad & the ugly.  With only two days of work next week & I took off the rest of the week…next week is going to be a whole lot better!  Have a great weekend!