It’s the Little Things: New Glasses & Wine Slushies

Hey there, peeps!  I totally missed doing last weeks “Little Things” post…sorry about that!  It’s been a super busy and chaotic couple of weeks at work, so hopefully, things will slow down a bit for a few weeks until the whole chaotic cycle begins again…Blah!  Now onto my post…

*A new notebook & colored pens…..I have no idea why office supplies make me happy, but they do! 🙂

*A new pair of Betsey Johnson brand eyeglasses….I CAN SEE AGAIN!!  No more headaches!

*A stocked fridge of nothing but health food in the attempt to get to eating better again.  Funny thing is I’ve avoided the fridge like the plague since it’s been stocked.  I’ve got to get a taste for veggies again!

*I ran to the mall this morning and came across the cutest store called the Winey Wench & you could sample anything they had in the store.  I took total advantage of that, plus they made awesome wine slushies.  I was hooked after my sample of this, so I took one to go while I shopped.

*Figured I better eat some breakfast to go with the wine before getting too tipsy, so nothing like a Subway egg white and turkey flat bread with avocado for breakfast to go with my wine slushy.  Breakfast of Champions!  Hey…it was 5 o’clock somewhere!

*My first pair of prescription sunglasses ever!  LOVE THEM!!  It’s so nice not to have to squint all the way home on my drive home from work in the evenings!

*Of course I walked away with a new bottle of wine for my fridge door collection after tasting this at the Winey Wench….Moscato Allegro….pretty yummy stuff!

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Brie & Grape Quesadilla

As I was getting ready this morning, I had the t.v. on and a show was on called, “Food for Thought” & the host was cooking up a Mexican inspired spread.  Since I was getting ready to run to the grocery store, I thought I’d pick up the ingredients for a super simple snack.  All you need is some tortillas, brie & grapes..see…told you it was easy!

Just slice up your brie in thin slices and place randomly on a tortilla.  Then slice 5 or so grapes in half and place on the tortilla with the brie and then throw a little more brie on top.  Just make sure not to over do it on the brie because it likes to melt!  So if you put too much, you’ll have it all over your skillet.  Next, just put another tortilla on top and then let it cook until golden brown on the bottom and then flip and do the same thing.  When done, slice it up in four pieces and enjoy!

I would have never thought to try this combination of ingredients, but it was pretty darn good!  You’ve got that melted creamy buttery cheese with the sweetness of the grapes…it actually pairs quite nicely.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Bon Appétit!

It’s the Little Things: Unbirthday’s & Making People Smile

My little things this week:

Getting the chance to FINALLY give my bestie the Unbirthday Card I found at the art store over a month ago!  I think she was almost more excited to get it, than I was to give it! I was so excited when I found it, I think I squealed out loud in the store!  I grabbed two, one to give to her and one for me to put in a picture frame for home.  We love Unbirthdays and we celebrate them every month….usually with a fun date at the wine bar!  Love how a card can make a persons day! 🙂

A little bit of love left on a post it note at work…from the bestie of course.  It pretty much made my day!  It doesn’t take much…lol!

Tall, Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks this morning, as I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Along with my favorite Tiramisu flavored cake pop that I stuck in my drawer at work for a treat later in the day.  Gosh darn it…I forgot to eat it.  Guess, it’ll be a surprise treat on Monday because I’m sure I’ll forget about it until I come across it in my drawer.

I was kind of off my game this week on picture taking, but there were other little things throughout the week as well, such as…

Getting told you’re fabulous several times throughout the week AND all from different people!

Making someones week that was out of town on business and bringing her a box full of Larabars, since they are Gluten-Free and she can’t have any gluten.  I know it’s got to be hard to have dietary limitations while traveling and not having a car to go get things, so I thought I’d try to make it a little easier on her.  Plus, I’m just nice and that’s how I roll…lol!

Glasses still haven’t come in and still have a headache…3 weeks now.  Fingers crossed they will be on my little things list next week!!!  Have a great weekend y’all!

It’s the Little Things: Haircut & Highlights

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week!  I’ve had major headaches lately, so I’ve been staying off the computer when I’m not at work from 9-6.  I finally decided to go to the eye doctor and I’m pretty sure the headaches are from the fact that I can’t see out of my left eye without some major blur, when the right eye is covered and that’s with my glasses on!  So fingers crossed when the new specs come in, it will get rid of the headaches.

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Last Saturday, I decided it was time for a new do, so I headed over to Aveda for a cut and highlights.  Thanks to everyone who chimed in on to cut or not to cut…it was pretty much a tie, so I decided the heck with it…it grows fast!  So I chopped a good 10+ inches off!

I came across the umbrella that I have been eyeing on for some time now while I was at Target for my eye appointment.  SCORE!

Sushi for din din!

Not pictured:

A Sunday mantinee to see “Magic Mike”.  Disappointing storyline, which was to be expected, but to see the hotties shaking their booties….totally worth it!

Picked out a new pair of eyeglasses to hold my much needed new prescription!  Can’t wait until they come in so I can see without fuzziness.  Even more excited that I ordered my first pair of sunglasses ever!!  May sound lame to some to get excited over sunglasses, but it’s my first pair with my prescription in them, so I’m very elated for them to come it because this Florida sun is brutal on the eyes!

Hope everyone had a great week!  It was nice having the 4th of July off, but with the day off right in the middle of the week…I have to say kind of threw me off this week.

Have a great weekend!