It’s the Little Things: FaceTime Chats & a Me Par-tay!

Happy Friday!  Fridays are always happy!  It means the end to the work week & the beginning of the weekend….two whole days to set your sails to blow in which ever direction the wind may take you!  Linking up with Lindsay over at Hello Hue once again for The Little Things Link-up!  Join in by clicking on the link if you have a similar post.  It’s great fun and an awesome way to network with other bloggers!

Last Friday, I treated myself to a Starbucks before I went in to work for the day.  While I was ordering I noticed a new cake pop flavor Raspberry Truffle.  It you haven’t tried it, you should!  It’s quite yummy!

Saturday, I woke up at 5am, so I planned out my day.  I started it off by watching Thor on Netflix streaming…can’t get enough Chris Hemsworth lately!  Then I decided to go watch the new Disney Pixar movie, Brave.  It was super sweet and I loved every minute of it!  It had several good laughs throughout & I may have even teared up a couple times as well.  It was very well done!

After my movie, I was starving since I skipped breakfast and had been up before the sun, so I decided to have a little me par-tay over at the Olive Garden.  Had my favorite Moscato wine that they carry with my typical Ravioli di Portabello & breadsticks.  Yummo!

Later in the week, a run to the store left me unable to resist some gorgeous vanilla bean cupcakes.  They were prettier, then they were tasty, which was unfortunate, but that’ll keep me from buying them because I need to lay off the cupcakes.  Birthday week and eating off a diet unleashed a beast!  Back on track this weekend!

Wednesday, about as soon as I got home I got a FaceTime call from my little sister & we talked until about midnight my time.  Gotta love FaceTime…it makes living so far from home, not so bad.  I hate talking on the phone, but with FaceTime you can prop up the device and talk to them just like you would if you were sitting at the kitchen table with them.  Plus, it’s amusing when the four puppies attach the screen because they can’t figure out whose talking…lol.

Oh yeah….I keep forgetting to mention I’m going to be doing some more travel writing for i.seekissimmee again next year.  I’m already on the calendar for the first week of April next year!  Love getting a paycheck to blog about travel…I was so meant to do that for a living!

Another great and wonderful thing….Tropical Storm Debby died down before wreaking havor on Central Florida!  The sheer amount of rain for days was enough, although I am stocked for the next hurricane type storm that may decide to come this way, but lets keep our fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

AND….today is the best mom in the whole worlds birthday!  That means another FaceTime chat tonight!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Funny how many little things happen throughout the week that make you smile & you don’t even realize it until you start writing them all down!

Okay…now I need your help.  I’ve got an appointment at Aveda bright and early tomorrow for a haircut and highlights.  What do you think?  Cut it off like my favorite haircut I had below on the left? Or keep it long?  I’m torn…I’m very low maintenance and not big on doing my hair.  Plus in Florida weather, it’s pretty much pointless trying to do anything because it just frizzes or the curls fall out, so it’s usually up in a pony tail most of the time…boring!  Opinions anyone?  I’ve got about the same amount of people saying to cut it as I do saying to keep it long.  I’m leaning towards a cut, but I get nervous when it comes to big haircuts and sometimes chicken out.  Do you have a favorite haircut you think I’d like…throw out some ideas for me!  I’d love to hear them.  Have a great weekend!


Manatees Galore at Blue Spring State Park

If you’ve had your fill of playing in the amusement parks and just want to get out and enjoy nature, then Blue Spring State Park might be just the kind of getaway that you are looking for!  It is located just North of Orlando. Now I’m not sure about all of you, but my favorite animal ever is the West Indian manatee, which lucky for me, are in various places around the state of Florida!  Blue Springs State Park is one of those places.  During the winter months in Florida, (Yes, we have cooler temperatures in Florida….like in the 60’s and you’ll see Floridians out in parka’s and mittens, which is quite amusing after growing up in the midwest), the manatees will swim into the springs because the water is warmer there, as the temperature in the spring remains a constant 72 degrees, where as the waters get a lot cooler elsewhere when we have cooler temps.

If you happen to be in the area during the months of November thru April, those are the peak months you’ll have the opportunity to see numerous manatees in the spring!  The morning my friend, Stephanie & I decided to venture off to check out the manatees, we arrived around 11am and we got to see a good 20 or more manatees just lounging about the springs.  I could have stood there and watched them all day!  It was just gorgeous…everything from the crystal clear waters, the moss trees, wildlife, 80 degree weather…it was just stunning!  We overheard one of the workers at the springs say when we got there that when they opened around 8am there were around 80 manatees in the springs!  Can you imagine!!  I’ll have to suck it up and try to be a morning person, so I can see that sight for myself one of these days!

The park has a super nice wooden board walk, with viewing area decks over the springs every so often.  It makes a great place for a Sunday stroll to enjoy the sunshine & some breath taking scenery!  During our visit, while watching the manatees and even some baby manatees playing around, we also see a huge gator sunning himself on the bank, a good sized turtle swimming around & tons of various fishes and birds.  We even came across a curious squirrel that liked getting his picture taken.  Lucky for me, Stephanie got a super nice camera for Christmas, so you can thank her for all the fabulous photos you’ll see throughout this post.  Thanks Stephanie!!

Besides just coming and taking in nature like we did for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, Blue Spring State Park has a lot more to offer!  They have boat tours on St. Johns River Cruises and Tours daily at 10am and 1pm, which is a 2 hour narrated nature cruise along the river.  If you’re into camping, they have camp sites, as well as, a few cabins for those of you that can’t handle full on camping.  The Manatee Gift Shop is also on site, as well as a place you can rent kayaks and canoes.  Stephanie tried persuading me to get a canoe or kayak, but I wasn’t about to get in a tippy canoe or kayak when I had just seen a gator not too far away, as well as signs right by the canoes that state, “SWIM WITH CAUTION…GATORS”!

There is also swimming allowed during the summer months, but swimming with manatees is NOT permitted.  If you have kids, they have an awesome playground.  If you have dogs that you like to walk, they are permitted in the park.  We met several friendly pooches while we walked along the boardwalk.  Oh, there is an entrance fees for cars which $6 or $4 if you are by yourself, which is pretty affordable for an afternoon to relax in a gorgeous park.  The park is open 8am to sundown year round, but there is a limit as to how many cars they let enter each day, so it’s best to get there early.  I hope you all take the opportunity to go & enjoy Blue Spring State Park!

 Blue Spring State Park

2100 W. French Avenue

Orange City, FL  32763

Ph: 386-775-3663

Saturday Morning Movies

Another weekend gone in a flash!  Hard to believe it’ll be July next weekend!  You know what that means….start your Christmas shopping now & you won’t have to fight with the crazies come November/December!  I’m ultimately going to have to ship all gifts this year, since I won’t get to go home for the holidays due to work, so it doesn’t really matter if I start shopping now or not because I’ll more than likely just do all of my shopping online, so I’ll only have to pay shipping once.  I’ll have to do Christmas in July and break out the Christmas movies, as they are my favorites.  I actually got a jump start and already watch “Elf” last weekend.  Sometimes you just need to go to a happy place and Christmas movies do it for me…that is when I can’t travel.

Saturday morning I was up and at it at 5:00am.  I’m not a morning person and I never get up before 7:30am, so I was slightly pissed I was wide awake at that hour, but I quickly calmed once I realized Netflix streaming had recently added Thor to watch instantly…so I was alright since I had Chris Hemsworth to stare at for a couple of hours.  When the movie was over I went ahead and got ready for the day & headed out the door around 10am to head to the 10:30 showing of Disney’s new movie, “Brave”

If you didn’t go out and watch “Brave” during it’s opening weekend, definitely put it on your list of movies to go watch.  Out of all the newer Disney movies….this one is definitely a favorite of mine now.  Maybe not so much for the storyline, but I loved the spunk of Princess Merida. One of the nice things about going to watch this movie is that I really didn’t have any idea of the storyline.  I mean most Disney movies are based on fairytales, but this one wasn’t any fairytale I was familiar with, so it was nice to see a totally original storyline.  I laughed through a good part of the movie as there was a lot of slapstick humor throughout the movie.  Plus, you’ve just gotta love the Scottish accent!  I also teared up a couple times in the movie as well, but I do that with most Disney movies.  There was also a Pixar short film before the movie called “La Luna” that was super cute.  I have read several reviews that said it was well done, but not one of Pixar’s best.  I would have to disagree, as I didn’t really care much for movies like “Cars 2” or “The Incredibles”.  Then again, I tend to enjoy a more fairy tale-esqe type movie and this definitely had those fairy tale aspects to it.  All in all, I give the movie a big thumbs up and would recommend anyone to go and watch it.  I seen several fathers with their girls at the movie and they all got a good laugh out of the movie.

Well, I’ll go ahead and leave it at that for now, as the rest of my weekend was a snore.  I did all of my running around after the movie Saturday.  I’m really glad I did because it’s done nothing but rain pigs and elephants the entire day on Sunday due to Tropical Storm Debby off the west coast of Florida.  All the rain made me want to take a nap, but I didn’t because I took a nap yesterday and then wasn’t able to go to sleep until 2:00am.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Later gators!


It’s the Little Things – Bubble Baths & Cupcakes

It’s Friday….YAY!!!  I tell ya…the work week just isn’t as much fun when your birthday has come and gone.  Even though this week dragged & was kind of a bore…there were all sorts of little things that made me smile.

I grew up watching The Muppets on t.v. and love them dearly.  Well, the bestie got me the newest Muppet movie for my birthday last week.  I finally sat down and watched it Sunday afternoon and was almost in tears I loved it so much!  Thanks Stephanie!  You’re the best bestie ever!

I got a gift card to Bath & Body Works from my parents, so I had to hit up there huge semi-annual sale that is going on.  I managed to snag about $150 in product, but after coupon and gift card it only cost me $20!  Love shopping trips like that!

The other day while I was at work, trying to find something to do other than work for a minute before I went cross-eyed from staring at the computer any longer I started going thru my desk drawer and found a stash of mini post-it notes I forgot I had…SCORE!  Shut-up…Yes I love office supplies!  Don’t judge!

Out of my new stash of Bath & Body Works I found two new scents I absolutely LOVE!  The Wild Apple Daffodil is just yummy and then the Pink Soft & Dreamy lotion…well, it’s just that & the smell of it is heavenly.

Wednesday I decided to get a little fancy and wear my new whippy cake headband I had purchased a month or so ago for the first time.  I’m not big on hair accessories, but I love to support handmade shops and I just thought these were cute.  I tell ya…I got so many darn compliments that day!  It just made me all warm & fuzzy inside…kinda like a muppet…lol!  Mah Na Mah Na!

Then of course I still had cuppy cakes lingering around the house from the weekend & having a little me party birthday celebration. 🙂

Then tonight I wrapped up my week with my first class out of five with April Durham from the Blog Designer Network.  Great classes to sign up for if you’re interested in blog design!  Can’t wait for the next few classes, so I can get my own business up and running once I get the hang of things again.  I used to design blogs, but haven’t done it in ages, so wanted to brush up on my skills & also learn WordPress, since I only designed in Blogger before.

Anyways, that about sums up the little things that made my week!  What are the little things that made you smile this week?  Write them up in a post and come and join the link up party over at Hello Hue!

Are You Having a Case of the Mondays?

I’ve got a dreadful case of the Mondays.  I’m pretty sure if I had this breakfast nook with this lovely little explosion of color…Mondays wouldn’t be so “Blah”!  It immediately went on my Pinterest board for future reference.  Bright, cheery colors make everything a little less sucky.

Hopefully this helped cheer you up too if you were having a “Blah” day as well! 🙂

Things You Need To Know If We’re Going To Be BFF’s

I saw this on a few other blogs earlier today when I was catching up on some blog reading, so I figured I’d follow suit.  You can never have to many friends, right?  If you want to be my friend…suh-weet!  Just be forewarned that I come with a few quirks!

1.  I have a phobia of clowns.  They freak me the fuck out, so don’t EVER get me anything with a clown on it, even if you think it’s cute…it’s not!  Definitely don’t take me to the circus, dress up as a clown for Halloween or expect me to go through a haunted house as they always have a clown lurking within them somewhere and I may trample some poor innocent kids trying to get away from that crazy clown.

2.  I can’t handle anything to do with eyes.  So if you wear contacts, don’t put them in, in front of me or put drops in your eyes where I can see.  Or try to dig an eyelash out of your eye.  I may gag.  No wiggling your eyes at me either…it gives me the heebie the jeebies!  Ewww!

3.  I’m sarcastic as hell & a total smartass and can lay it on pretty thick sometimes.  I may also have a somewhat twisted sense of humor.  I may even pick on you.  If you’re my BFF…that’s allowed, so be prepared. 🙂

4.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t call you.  I love you…I do, but I don’t like to talk on the phone.  It’s okay if you call me, but I more than likely won’t initiate the first call, but I’ll always answer if you call or will return your call if I miss it.

5.  I don’t like to go to clubs or bars.  I’m always up for a wine bar though.

6.  I may talk your ear off, especially when I’ve been drinking.  I may get a bad case of the giggles for no apparent reason, as well, so just remind me to breathe before I die…scratch that…that will probably make me laugh even harder, so I apologize in advance if this may embarrass you.

7.  I love to hang out with friends pretty frequently if we’re near each other, as I hate having to entertain myself…it’s just not as much fun.  Two is always better than one…it’s a Gemini thing.  I won’t bug you though and be all clingy, but never hesitate to ask if you’re up for doing something because I’m always game if I don’t have prior plans.

8.  BBF’s = Family  If you ever badmouth my friends or family I will go ninja on your ass!

9.  I don’t like clothes.  I’m one of those that strip down to their underwear as soon as I walk in the door from work.  I may or may not put on pj’s…it depends on my mood and if I have recently gotten a new pair of cute pajama’s that I want to wear.  If you come over unannounced, it may take me a few minutes to answer the door because I’m trying to find clothes to throw on.  I’ve just learned to keep the pj’s on the ottoman if I’m not wearing them, just in case.  Probably TMI, but just being honest.

10.  I’m honest & trustworthy, a good listener, love to laugh, drama-free & nonjudgmental.  Potential friends should hopefully possess those qualities as well.

You’re turn.  Leave me a link in the comments if you do this too!

It’s the Little Things…

My birthday has come and gone once again, so I guess it’s time to buck up and get back on a diet, as it was totally blown out of the water this week due to a week long birthday celebration, but hey…why not?  It’s the little things that make me happy & this week was full of those little things.

  •  I was taken out on Sunday by someone from back home, which was awesome to get to see someone from my hometown!
  • On Monday, met up with the bestie after work at a new restaurant to celebrate her birthday!
  • Tuesday…the bestie came back to work after having yet another Monday off.
  • On Wednesday, it was my Uncle’s 50th b-day & my sister called via FaceTime to wish me a Happy Birthday early since she had to work on my b-day.
  • Thursday was my birthday & even though the day at work dragged on painfully slow, I came in to a fully decorated office by the bestie, even though I told her no decorations were necessary, cupcakes, a bag full of goodies (2 bottles of wine and The Muppet Movie)  Stay tuned…that may make for an interesting night this weekend!  Plus, a couple of cards signed by several co-workers…some may have been held at knifepoint by the bestie to sign the card, which was nice.  I also got an unexpected gift of a picture frame from a  super sweet co-worker.  And was met in the hall way by tons of birthday wishes throughout the day.  After work, it was off to meet the bestie for yet another birthday dinner & a yummy b-day dessert of strawberry shortcake.  Then when I got home, I was greeted by a birthday card in my mailbox from the parents and then a FaceTime call from the parents shortly after getting home, which is always nice…so much better than just talking on the phone.  Then about as soon as I hung up with them one of my best friends from high school called to say Happy Birthday as well.

Now it’s Friday, the birthday celebrations are over, the work week is over (Thank God!) & it’s back to the daily grind.  It may be time to even change some things up for year 34, but I still have to work on that list, but exercise is at the top.