Jenn3Hi!  I’m Jenn & just simply love to write, especially when something sparks my interest! Dream job would be to be a travel writer, but since that has happened yet, I’ll continue to blog about whatever I feel like on a particular day and then pretending I’m the most magnificent travel writer and write travel reviews on the occasion that I get to vacation and go someplace new!  For now, I’ll keep my travel reviews fairly local as I live in Orlando, FL, so there is tons to write about!  I actually just freelanced over at i.seekissimmee.com travel & tourism blog a few weeks back and loved every minute of the spotlight on my reviews for the week!  Anyways, hope you enjoy what I have to write about!  Thanks for visiting!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Sweet little blog design. I wonder if future blog posts would have the reply or comments option?
    I am a fitness, health and well being blogger and found your name in someone else’s comments – this is melly I think.
    Best of luck with your health and happiness.
    Skinny Jeans Mum

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