Happy Monday & Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday!  I can say that today since I was smart and took the day off work!  Sorry I’ve been so terrible about posting lately!  My back is acting up, like it tends to do at least once a year, so after sitting at work all day I’ve just been coming home, popping some advil & then laying with an icepack for a bit and then soaking in a hot bath, so I just haven’t felt up to posting.  When my back is hurting like this, it just kills my mood to do much of anything.  I tried calling the chiropractor last week, but the soonest they could get me in was today, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some relief.

I did manage to down a pint of gelato while icing my back though.  If you have never had gelato…TRY IT!  I’m not an ice cream fan….a McDonald’s cone is about all I like.  On the occasion that I do want a little Ben & Jerry’s I can only eat about two or three bites and I’m done, so it lasts me awhile.  Kind of a different story with the gelato….it was gone in 3 days!  So good!  It doesn’t get hard like ice cream, so you just sink your spoon right in and eat the most creamy & flavorful treat ever!  I absolutely loved the Sea Salt Caramel flavor, as I love caramel, but I definitely want to try some other flavors!

I also managed to down a whole bottle of my favorite red moscato one evening when I was out of advil.  It must have worked because it was the best sleep I had gotten in a long time!

Saturday evening, I went out with my friends to try out the Wine Room on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL.  We all had such a great time!  I mean what’s better than good wine, good friends & good food??  Plus it was such a lovely day out weather wise, we just snagged a table outside on the sidewalk and enjoyed people & pet watching along with some good conversation.  I don’t go out much, so it was nice just to unwind.  I didn’t even take my phone out all evening to snap tons of pics like usual.  This place was pretty darn awesome though.  It had these cool wine machines all over the place, so you could either get a 1oz. pour, 2.5oz. pour or a 5oz. pour.  You just get a preloaded card when you go in and then you pop the card in the machine you want to try wine out of…put your glass under and select the size of pour you want and wah-la!  They had 148 wines in these machines to try, so if you want to try a variety of wines…this is the way to go!  Luckily I snagged a Groupon for a $40 card for $26 a while back.  It pays off to watch Groupon.com for deals!


I also want to take thank everyone who entered in the giveaway this past week, so the winners that were drawn were Miranda from the Eclectic Bookshelf & Katie from The Simple Songbird.  Shoot me an e-mail with your addresses & I’ll ship out your soap! thelittleblackraincloud@yahoo.com  Congrats!

Malena’s Gourmet Creations Review & Giveaway

Hello all my bloggy friends!  Are any of you out there addicted to Etsy?  LOL….silly question, I know…of course you are!  I have found some of the best handmade shops over the years on Etsy and now I’ve found another great find for you that is just too good not to share!!  The name of the shop is Malena’s Gourmet Creations.

Malena’s Gourmet Creations specializes in making completely natural, handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms, mud masks, moisturizers & more!  I love the fact that in her description of each product, she lists the ingredients along with the benefits of each ingredient!  It’s kind of like a little science lesson!  For instance, Papaya Extract is good for stabilizing oiling skin, as well as a good exfoliant for removing dead skin cells!  Who knew?  Another plus is when you order, your shipment is sent out pretty darn quick.  I ordered and received my package within a week and it was packaged super well with bubble wrap and tons of pink tissue paper!  Even living in Florida and my package sitting outside in the heat, everything was perfectly fine when I opened my package.

It’s hard to pick a favorite item, as everything I’ve tried has been excellent, but if I had to pick I would say it’s the Massage Lotion Bar in the scent “Viva La Juicy”….it smells Aaa-Mazing!  I had never heard of a lotion bar before, so I thought I’d try it out and I’m so glad I did.  It comes in a little metal tin for you to keep it in, so you can throw it in your purse or keep it on your desk for whenever you may need it.  It’s super moisturizing and it doesn’t leave your hands all greasy feeling, like some lotions do.  Plus, this has little ridges around the heart shape, which gives your hands an excellent massage when applying!  It comes in so many different scents, it’s hard to choose, but I highly recommend “Viva La Juicy”.  It smells so good!  If you’re a lotion person & travel….this would be an awesome item to get since it’s not a liquid and you wouldn’t have to try to cram it in a quart size baggy with all your other liquid cosmetics!

My next favorite item I ordered was the lip balm.  This stuff is the BALM!  Haha…bad joke, but, seriously….it’s off the hook!  It contains things like beeswax, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter….so super moisturizing!  What I love is the fact I don’t have to constantly reapply like you do with some lip balms.  This moisturizes so good…it literally lasts for hours.  Plus you can get it in numerous lick your lips yummy flavors.  I went with the “Pink Frosting” flavor due to my love of cupcakes.  I think the next flavor on my list to try is “Cotton Candy”.  YUM!!

Anyone out there love face masks?  I do!  If you do is well, you’d love the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask!  This is a pretty thick mud mask…I would almost describe it to have a clay like texture, which is great because a little goes a long ways!  Just put on a thin layer and let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with some warm water and leaves your skin feeling so smooth & refreshed!

Now for a little surprise for all you lovely readers out there!  Malena was sweet enough to send me a couple bars of soap with my order & I’d like to give you all a chance to win one of these bars in a giveaway!  I have two full sized bars…one in the scent Crisp Lettuce & the other in the scent White Truffle Raspberry.  I tried out a sample bar of the Frosted Cranberry.  Loved the soap…it lathers up really well and leaves you smelly good and leaves you squeaky clean!

How to Enter

To be entered to win the Malena’s Gourmet Creations Soap Giveaway, all you have to do is follow this blog & visit Malena’s Gourmet Creations Etsy shop & leave a comment of which product you’d like to try out for yourself.  For another entry, “like” Malena’s Gourmet Creations on Facebook & leave another comment that you did so.  While I’m still deciding on whether to transition my blog to wordpress completely, you can also follow & leave a comment on my blog here for an additional chance to win.  I will pick two winners and the contest ends on Friday, August 17th at 8pm EST.  Best of Luck & spread the word on the giveaway!  Wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on getting to try out a pretty great product!


It’s the Little Things: Confirmation E-mails & Free Wi-Fi

Happy Sunday everyone!  Sorry for not being able to post a lot lately.  I’ve had ongoing internet issues at home with my AT&T service.  Waited around all day at home yesterday for repairman #2 to show up and he never showed, so now I’m at my local Barnes & Nobles, trying to get a few things done before my weekend totally disappears.  Anyways, on to my little things link-up with Lindsay over at Hello Hue.

I was estatic to get my e-mail confirmation that my customized Erin Condren Life Planner had been printed and shipped & will be in my hands by August 7th!  I can’t wait!  As you all know, I love office supplies and I also have a small addiction to calendars….I LOVE THEM.  I hang them everywhere.  I prefer the paper calendars vs. electronic ones too because I love to write in different colored ink all over them….maybe that’s the artsy side of me that likes that.  Hello, my name is Jenn & I’m a calendar addict.

A few weeks ago, thanks to a co-worker from another campus who was visiting the campus I work on…she introduced me to Malena’s Gourmet Creations.  I was so excited to get my order in the mail this week along with a few extras…she’s so sweet!  Oh my gosh, guys!  This stuff is awesome!  Look for a blog post on the items I tried out later this week & possibly a giveaway!  Keep an eye out…you won’t want to miss out!

Stepping out of my comfort zone & wore a dress to work.  If you know me…you know I’m not a dress person….AT ALL!  Well, when I was walking around drinking my wine slushy at the mall last weekend, I see the dress and thought it was super cute, so I bought it.  And since we had corporate visitors at work this week, figured what the heck!  I’m uncomfortable in a suit jacket too, so might as well do it.  So I did….got lots of rave reviews, even though uncomfortable & uncomfortable by all the compliments…it felt kind of good to do something out of the norm for me.

Booked the final leg of my flight home for Thanksgiving!  Someone better be at the Burlington airport at 1:10 on November 16th to pick me up! 🙂

Since internet has been down all weekend…that met no streaming netflix, so I made the best of it and turned it into a Twilight marathon on Saturday.  How Kristen Stewart could cheat on Robert Pattinson is beyond me….he’s welcome at my house anytime!

Free wi-fi at Barnes & Nobles & Starbucks all in one stop…LOVE!  I feel so at home in a bookstore…I could so live here!  I always wanted to have my own book store…maybe one day!

Orange Chicken Chinese take-out….smelled and tasted awesome!  I’m not much on Chinese lately for some reason, but someone mentioned it this week and I’ve had a taste for it ever since.  Craving complete!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!