Birthday Week Started Off With A Bang!

It’s Birthday Week! Yay!  Not really…it sucks getting older!  It’s not just my birthday week though…I actually have a friend or family that has a birthday everyday this week…GEMINI’S ROCK!  I started celebrating on Saturday with a couple glasses of vino while I got my craftiness on.

I decided I wanted to make some rag garland, so I got myself some twine and bought a jellyroll of colorful fabric at Hobby Lobby and got to work.  I just needed a little color in the house.  For now, it’s above the window, but I may just move it to a wall in my office where I paint.  It’s simple, but it’s the simple things that make me happy.

Then, I got a call from my BFF from before kindergarten on Saturday checking in to see if I was busy Sunday and to see if I’d mind going out to dinner with her dad that was passing through Orlando. Mind?  Hell no…I was ecstatic to get to see a familiar face from back home!  It was great to talk about what was going on back in my tiny little town that will forever be home no matter where I live.

Then along came Monday….the bestie’s birthday!  I had to work, but she was smart and took off her birthday.  Kick’in myself for not doing the same after a crappy day like today!  Anyways, she had a pretty good day on her own, doing her thing.  Then we met up at a new restaurant that we hadn’t been to before for some birthday dinner.  It was really good and had an awesome menu, so much so, that’s where we are going on Thursday again for my birthday.  Funny moment of the night was when I went to hand her the gift I got her that was in a gift bag next to me.  I had gotten her a cool little wine barrel cork cage to keep her wine corks in & I had a bottle of wine in the center to go with it.  Well, when I looked down I think my jaw hit the ground.  I had left the gift in my car all day and the heat of the sun must have been too much for that bottle of Moscato di Asti, as the cork must have blew out of the bottle in my car during the day….LOL!  She stuck another cork in it for the ride home and hopefully was able to salvage it.  It’s a shame to have to dump a bottle of wine down the drain!  Anyways, if you haven’t already…hop over to Simply Stephanie & wish her a Happy Birthday!

As for the rest of the week, I’ll be at work…BLAH!  They really should give you your birthday off…PAID!  It would make the week a lot better.  At least I’ll get to go out to eat with the BFF again for some good food and yummy dessert!  So much for my diet…it was blown out of the water this week big time, as I’ve eaten out twice this week and had dessert both times and it’s only Tuesday…Uh Oh!  Guess I’ll have to get back on track hard core after this week & perhaps start exercising (don’t hold your breathe on that one Stephanie)!  It’s just a matter of getting started that is the majority of the battle because once it’s a habit, you’re golden!  Well, it’s been a craptastic day & I may have to drink myself into a wine induce coma…especially after seeing this…

Sad panda!  I’ll be waiting for you Mr. McConaughey when it doesn’t work out with Camila.  In the meantime, I’m anxiously awaiting to see you rip your clothes off in your new movie, Magic Mike!

Later gators!