Feelin’ the Love!

As I’m not one of those people that celebrates Valentine’s day, as it seems like a “Hallmark” holiday to me, I am one to celebrate unbirthday’s & today is mine!  Yay!  Well, let me tell you…it’s been a pretty darn good unbirthday, besides the 4 separate conference calls I had to be on today & not being able to get much else done inbetween….I definitely felt the love this week, even though it was all Valentine’s Day themed…haha.  Earlier in the week, I walked into my office to find an earlier Valentine from by bestie that was super adorable.


See…I told you it was super adorable!  I cleared out the chocolate this week and then hung up the lid to the tin on my bulletin board.  I love me some old school Mickey & Minnie!

Then yesterday afternoon, before I closed up the office at work, my student worker came in and worked her magic on the front office and decked it out in pink and red decor all over the place.  It definitely caught everyones eye today!

IMG_1403And then….when I got into work this morning there were homemade cupcakes from Miss Decor & the other student worker, who is also Anti-Valentine’s day….she made heart shaped sugar cookies with black frosting and some had angry little faces on them…lol.  Cracked me up & they were pretty darn tasty too!  Then I walked into my office & had flowers, a handmade card & box of chocolates from my little decorator….such a little sweetheart!


IMG_1411I’m not a flower person either, but these were super cute and had pink confetti hearts all over the flowers…ADORBS!  Then the card was just the icing on the cake.  Definitely felt the love today!  Thanks girlie’s!


The Painted Palette

If you haven’t noticed yet that I’ve added a new page to the blog, let me point you to it now. 🙂  That page at the top that says “My Etsy”!  I finally took some time and opened up an Etsy shop & it’s called The Painted Palette.  It you’re looking for some cute hand painted magnets for your fridge or some art work for you walls….go on over and take a peek!

I’ve been painting & drawing since I was a wee little girl.  I remember going to the chiropractor with my mom growing up and the receptionist would give me the end rolls of the white paper that went across the chiropractor table & there was always quite a bit left in my opinion, so I’d sit and paint murals for the kitchen wall with my watercolors and would sign them “Sissy”, as that is what I was called growing up due to having a little brother that insisted that was my name.

To this day, I still love to paint and draw!  A blank canvas to me is like a kid in a candy store…pure love!  I don’t always know what I’m going to paint, so I’ll start on a background and then usually something just comes to me or a happy little mistake will turn into something pretty cool.

I also do custom paintings, so feel free to message me if you would like something particular.  I’d be happy to paint you something for your baby nursery or something personalize with a name…you name it–I’m game!  If you’d like to shoot me an e-mail, you can send it to me at thelittleblackraincloud[at]yahoo.com

You can find me on Etsy as the shop “The Painted Palette“.  Stop on over and take a look!

It’s the Little Things…

My birthday has come and gone once again, so I guess it’s time to buck up and get back on a diet, as it was totally blown out of the water this week due to a week long birthday celebration, but hey…why not?  It’s the little things that make me happy & this week was full of those little things.

  •  I was taken out on Sunday by someone from back home, which was awesome to get to see someone from my hometown!
  • On Monday, met up with the bestie after work at a new restaurant to celebrate her birthday!
  • Tuesday…the bestie came back to work after having yet another Monday off.
  • On Wednesday, it was my Uncle’s 50th b-day & my sister called via FaceTime to wish me a Happy Birthday early since she had to work on my b-day.
  • Thursday was my birthday & even though the day at work dragged on painfully slow, I came in to a fully decorated office by the bestie, even though I told her no decorations were necessary, cupcakes, a bag full of goodies (2 bottles of wine and The Muppet Movie)  Stay tuned…that may make for an interesting night this weekend!  Plus, a couple of cards signed by several co-workers…some may have been held at knifepoint by the bestie to sign the card, which was nice.  I also got an unexpected gift of a picture frame from a  super sweet co-worker.  And was met in the hall way by tons of birthday wishes throughout the day.  After work, it was off to meet the bestie for yet another birthday dinner & a yummy b-day dessert of strawberry shortcake.  Then when I got home, I was greeted by a birthday card in my mailbox from the parents and then a FaceTime call from the parents shortly after getting home, which is always nice…so much better than just talking on the phone.  Then about as soon as I hung up with them one of my best friends from high school called to say Happy Birthday as well.

Now it’s Friday, the birthday celebrations are over, the work week is over (Thank God!) & it’s back to the daily grind.  It may be time to even change some things up for year 34, but I still have to work on that list, but exercise is at the top.