Adorable Puppies!

 Not much to write tonight because I must get back to reading “The Hunger Games”.  I had a hard time putting it down last night, but if I wouldn’t have put it down I would have been up till the wee hours of the night trying to finish and then you wouldn’t have had a very happy camper at work this morning.  This is such an awesome book…I can’t wait till I finish and get on to the next book in the series!  I love it when I find great books like this to read…I know…I’m a nerd!  Anyways, I promised I’d post some puppy pics as soon as my sister sent me some.  I can’t wait to see pictures of them as they get older, as it’s hard to tell how they are going to look right now since they are so tiny.  The mama is full bred long haired miniature dachshund and papa is half chihuahua, half pug…I’ll post pics of them again below!  Enjoy!  Now off to read!

Here are the parents….Emmy & Scooter

 Emmy Being A Good Mama to her 6 Pups

Here is Scooter (the dad) when he was a puppy…as well as their first encounter & photo togeter…Emmy wasn’t amused!


Another Lazy Weekend

Hello, my peeps!  Can you believe another weekend has flown by once again?!  They just go way too fast!  What have you all been up to this week?  Nothing to exciting here…just getting into the groove of working after the holidays.  This week will actually be my first full work week since the holidays, but never fear…we get a 3 day weekend after those 5 days!  Yay!  The only bummer is that the next holiday we get off isn’t until the end of May. **insert sad face here**

This week I watched the dvd I got for Christmas, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.  It was a really good movie!  It wasn’t as good as I hoped it was going to be, but I set pretty high expectations sometimes for movies and they just don’t meet them.  Loved all the actors in the movie, so I just had to watch it.  Man, Ryan Gosling alone is worth watching the movie! Hubba, Hubba!  It’s the second feature from co-directors Glenn Ficarra & John Requa.  There first directing debut was the zany, crazy, wacky, TRUE story, called, “I Love You Phillip Morris“. Now if you haven’t watched that movie…I’d have to say watch it.  I found if very entertaining & very hysterical, especially the fact that it was based on true events.  It’s so quirky, it’s good.  I stumbled upon it on streaming Netflix one weekend when I was bored. 
It’s kind of got that “Catch Me If You Can” movie feel to it.  You’ll know what I mean after you watch it!

I did get a chance to watch the movie “The Help” over Christmas, which if you haven’t read the book…go out and get it now and read it for crying out loud!  Awesome book!  Once again, high expectations were set for the movie & they were met!  Excellent, excellent movie!  Probably one of the only movies that actually followed the book pretty perfectly!  The same parts you crack up laughing at in the movie and the same things your were laughing out loud about when you were reading the book.  So, I highly recommend watching this movie….but as I always say…read the book first!

In anticipation for “The Hunger Games” movie that is coming out this March….I went out and got “The Hunger Games”, “Catching Fire” & “Mockingjay” for my Nook with a giftcard I had gotten for Christmas.  I’m determined to get through the trilogy of books before March, which shouldn’t be a problem.  I started reading the first book the other night when I couldn’t get to sleep and got about 4 chapters read & then I had to put it down or I would have been up all night.  I have yet to pick it back up this weekend, but hopefully I’ll get a chance by the end of the night.  So far, it’s a pretty good book…can’t wait to get further in!  I just happened to catch the trailer for the movie when I went and watched the last Twilight movie.  The trailer looked like my type of movie and then when it said it was “The Hunger Games” I was surprised.  I had heard of the books, but never read the back of the book to find out what they were about.  I was bad…I judged a book by it’s cover….seriously though…the cover could have been better!  As for the title of the book…it sounded like a movie that Harrison Ford would be in, like “The Patriot Games” & that just isn’t my type of book, but I was totally wrong on that one!  Shame on me!

Oooo…look at what was on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, when I poked my head out the door to check for mail!  A final Christmas present from my parents!  Aren’t they the best!!  I LOVE the red!  I’m not a huge coffee drinker.  I just haven’t found a good one that I really like.  I went ahead and brewed me a cup anyways with one of the coffee’s that came in the sampler pack with the Keurig.  Added in a little milk & sugar & it wasn’t half bad.  I did grab my old Bed, Bath & Beyond flyers that I had saved in a stack and cut out one of the $5 off coupons and then headed to the store this morning when they opened to check out there selection of K-cups.  I walked out with a pack of Apple Cider and a pack of Cafe Mocha.  Let me know if you have any suggestions of flavors to try!!  I’m always looking for good suggestions to try out!  Let me know!  Well, I’ve rambled on long enough.  Oh, one more thing…my sister text messaged me a little while ago that the puppies were being born…she had 5 so far…Yikes!  Hopefully, I’ll have some cute pics to share with you later in the week!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good week!