It’s Been Awhile!

Hey there blogland!  Holy cow it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post…about 7 months or so!  I guess I just got kind of burned out & wanted to try to step away from being on the computer so much.  I’ve also been trying to get some sort of focus on eating right, exercising (still having a hard time with this one) & maybe putting myself back out there after a 3yr. break to try to find myself a mister.

IMG_2382I have been pretty good about the eating right.  For the majority of the year I was doing Jenny Craig, but I just kind of his a plateau and would lose and gain the same few pounds.  So, I finally just nixed that a month or more ago…it was just kind of expensive and honestly, I was burnt out on the food because I’m a creature of habit and was eating the same select meals every week and it just got old.  So I’ve kind of switched things up on my own and been trying to eat more of a high protein/low carb diet and I’ve actually started losing again.  I was looking through pictures the other day from back in February of this year when my parents visited and I’ve actually lost about 25lbs since then.  I didn’t really notice a difference until seeing pics side by side.  Plus, I also ordered myself a few outfits and purposely ordered a size smaller than normal kind of as a goal to get into, but to my surprise the smaller size fit already.

I really need to get into the habit of exercising again.  I was doing really well for about a month and doing the treadmill everyday and getting in at least a couple miles.  Sometimes, I’d even jump on for a second go of it later on in the day if I was really bored.  The only reason that sidetracked me though was a pair of dress shoes that I wore for a weekend that tore the hell out of my feet, making it impossible to wear socks and tennis shoes because it was so painful and bandaids and tape didn’t stick to the backs of my heals to try to get any relief, so that left me to get out of my habit.  Now I just need dig down deep and find the motivation and desire to jump back in the game.  It is hard though…I’m the first to admit, I hate to exercise….at least at first.  I’ll get there eventually though.  At least I managed to get through Thanksgiving without too much of  a gain!

Lets, see….what else have I been up to??  Oh yes, I have been working on a three piece painting for a friend of mine that they commissioned me to design and paint.  It’s Star Wars themed, so of course this brought me great joy as I’m a Star Wars geek. I tell you…I have never in my life had such a fun time painting.  I was so excited with each phase, from coming up with rough sketches of possible layouts of the symbols to just getting the first coat of paint on the canvas!  I even did miniature magnets of the designs first to make sure they looked just right.  Hopefully, I’ll be getting some more magnets done and in my Etsy shop if you’re interested for a little Star Wars art for your refrigerator!  Promise they look pretty bad ass!  Each canvas for the large wall hanging I was working on was 12×36, so its 3ft x 3ft if you put them all together.  I’ve had a couple of the painting done for about a month or more now, but I was having trouble getting the 3rd piece drawn to scale.  It’s so much easier to draw tiny than on big scale for me.  But the other night, the creative bug hit about midnight and when it hits I have to jump on it, so I did some sketching…wasn’t happy…took a pen and when over the pencil sketch to try to make some corrections and finally got it to look just so and then I took my exacto knife and cut myself out the stencil, so I wouldn’t mess up the main canvas, as those suckers aren’t cheap.  Then a few hours later I was all done.  A little sad that they are done & might even be sad to see them go to a new home, but I’ll also be happy knowing my art work is hanging in someone else’s house and that they love it.


IMG_2410I would be totally happy to duplicate these paintings again if anyone out there is interested.  Just shoot me an e-mail at or visit my etsy shop and put in a request for a custom piece and we’ll get you going!


Yay for the Freakin’ Weekend!

Happy Friday, y’all!  This has been the slowest week ever, so I’m hoping this weekend goes nice and slow, as well, but we all know it won’t!  It’ll more than like go by super fast and Monday will be flying upon us like those crazy creepy flying baboons from the new Oz movie.  Oh well, it is what it is….happens every week like clockwork!


If you’re interesting in entering a giveaway for one of my 8×8 “Moonlight Cherry Blossoms” paintings, make sure and head over to Simply Stephanie blog a.s.a.p.!  All you have to do is visit my Etsy shop “The Painted Palette” & take a look and then go and leave a comment on her blog, as to which painting you like.  Easy peasy!  The winner will be announce on Monday, May 6th, so you only have until this Sunday to enter.  Last I checked there were only 4 comments, so you have a pretty good chance, so go enter!


Remember in my last post where I said that all of my posts I’ve written lately were in draft mode over on  Well, if you head over there now, my first post has been published, so you’ll have about 10 more that will be published throughout the next week! Some of the posts you’ll see over there this week are for some pretty good places to eat, like Hawkers, Beaches & Cream, & Blue Bird Bake Shop.  You’ll also see my review of the musical dinner show the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, which is pretty spectacular, as well as things like the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney, shopping at The Loop & of course the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival.


Other than that, not much else going on.  Been doodling a bit in my sketchbook & playing around with my logo character.  Tomorrow is my 1 month weigh in.  I’ve been trying my best to be a good girl and eat more veggies and smaller portion sizes.  My goal for the month was to hopefully be down -10lbs, so fingers crossed I can hit that in the morning.  As of week 3, I was down 7.7, so far, so we’ll see!  Well, until I post again…yak at ya y’all later & have a fabulous freakin’ weekend!!  


LittleRainCloudImageHELLOOOOO??  Anybody out there?  I’d say sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but I’m not. I had just realized I was spending way to much time on my computer, iPhone, iPad & whatever other technology based gadget I could get my hands on!  So much so, I wasn’t getting out and doing anything on the weekends because by the time I walked away from my computer or whatever I was using, my weekends were gone, which left me not feeling so great because I wasted so much time.  Recently, I banned all electronics to my office area, so if I want to be on the computer, I have to go to that room if I want to look something up, rather than having it attached to me from the time I get home from work until I go to bed.  I’ve noticed it’s helped me mix things up a bit.  Now I’ll come home, make dinner and then sit down and enjoy it while I watch a random episode of something on the t.v.  Then I’ll head to the office to do a quick check of things online and then since I’m in my office where I have all my art supplies, I’m more prone to playing around with my paints and brushes vs. starring at the computer screen, which I already do Mon.-Fri. from 9-6.


I’ve also been trying to work on a few sketches and come up with some new ideas of things to paint.  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to come up with ideas, but sometimes it my mind is as blank as my canvas when it comes to new ideas.  Kinda of like writers block, I guess.  Any of you out there have any ideas of things to paint that you may be interested in if they were in my shop?  Feel free to throw out some ideas!  I’m always game for a new challenge!

I am pretty excited that I have had a couple of sales over in my etsy shop over the past couple of weeks! I think I screamed when I got my first actual sale & then a week later I had a request for a custom painting!  Made my week!  I’ve even had some other e-mails for possible requests in the future….LOVE!  I’m my own worst critic & you have no idea how thrilled it makes me feel when someone likes my work!

Besides disconnecting from technology a bit & painting, I’ve also been busy blogging believe it or not.  Where are these posts, you ask?  Well, currently they are all saved in draft mode & will be published over on sometime in the coming week.  You’ll see me under the “Who’s Next” section if you go over to the website now.  I did the same thing last year and enjoyed it so much, I signed up a year ago for another crack at being their guest blogger for a week.  I love writing up all those posts, but man am I glad I’ve got them all done and out of the way.

Anyways, I just thought I’d pop my head in for a bit & let you know I’m still alive!  Just been too busy getting messy playing with my paints lately & enjoying it!  Well, I will do my best to write a little more regularly, but I can’t make any promises!  Have a great weekend y’all!

The Painted Palette

If you haven’t noticed yet that I’ve added a new page to the blog, let me point you to it now. 🙂  That page at the top that says “My Etsy”!  I finally took some time and opened up an Etsy shop & it’s called The Painted Palette.  It you’re looking for some cute hand painted magnets for your fridge or some art work for you walls….go on over and take a peek!

I’ve been painting & drawing since I was a wee little girl.  I remember going to the chiropractor with my mom growing up and the receptionist would give me the end rolls of the white paper that went across the chiropractor table & there was always quite a bit left in my opinion, so I’d sit and paint murals for the kitchen wall with my watercolors and would sign them “Sissy”, as that is what I was called growing up due to having a little brother that insisted that was my name.

To this day, I still love to paint and draw!  A blank canvas to me is like a kid in a candy store…pure love!  I don’t always know what I’m going to paint, so I’ll start on a background and then usually something just comes to me or a happy little mistake will turn into something pretty cool.

I also do custom paintings, so feel free to message me if you would like something particular.  I’d be happy to paint you something for your baby nursery or something personalize with a name…you name it–I’m game!  If you’d like to shoot me an e-mail, you can send it to me at thelittleblackraincloud[at]

You can find me on Etsy as the shop “The Painted Palette“.  Stop on over and take a look!

My Weekend: Snow White & the Huntsman, A New Book & Painting

Well, it was a pretty uneventful weekend here.  I was going to attempt to catch up on some sleep and sleep in Saturday morning, but I got woke up around 8:30 or so in the morning by the sound of my doorbell.  Threw on some clothes real quick…half asleep and eyes still not focused and answered the door and it was a damn person wanting to talk about some political candidate and blah, blah, blah.  Seriously?  Out and about that early in the morning….not a good way to gain votes!

Since I was up, I searched the the internet for vacation deals & came up empty handed. Sad panda 😦  It used to be so easy to find awesome deals, but those days seem to be no more.  If the airfare isn’t ridiculous, it’s the hotel….just can’t win!  I just need to win the lottery so I can travel to my hearts content!

I hadn’t been to the movies in quite a while, so I went ahead and decided to go see a matinee showing of  “Snow White & the Huntsman”.  I had been wanting to see it since I first saw the previews for it.  I absolutely adore any movie or show that is fairy tale related.  I know a similar movie came out earlier in the year called “Mirror, Mirror”, but I wanted to see this one first.  “Mirror, Mirror” looked more like a comedy, where “Snow White & the Huntsman” had more of a dark side to it.  Charlize Theron was incredible as the evil queen, Ravenna.  She is ultimately the reason why I wanted to see the movie, because she looked like she’d make an awesome evil queen from the previews and she did not disappoint!    Kristen Stewart…no matter how awkward she is–the camera loves her.  Now my favorite part of watching the movie….Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman.  DREAMY!!!  I have to say he’s in my top five  favorite guys list…the man is just H-O-T!  I did have a difficult time differentiating him from his Thor character while watching the movie.  I guess he’ll always be Thor to me, but I’m okay with that! 🙂

Other than the movie and running some typical weekend errands, I didn’t do much.  Ran to Barnes & Noble to get my book fix and bought a new book called “Hush, Hush”.  It sounded pretty good from the back cover and it was on sale…SCORE!  After that, I ran into the art store….my weakness!  I managed to walk out cheaper than usually thank goodness!  Just picked up a handful of canvas’ & some cute birthday cards.  Then after I got home, I just went ahead and sat down and did a couple of paintings when I went to put my new canvas’ with my others.  The paint brushes were just calling my name.  Well, I’ll leave it at that for now, as I’ve rambled on long enough about a pretty boring weekend! What did you do this weekend?



New Shower Curtain, Daydreams & Fresh Paint

Hey there, peeps!  Boy, I’ve really got to start blogging more!  Some days I have a ton of things I want to blog about, then other times I’m just not in zone & I end up posting once a week or wait two weeks, like this time.  I guess, like anything…I should start just writing when it’s on my mind and save it as a draft to post at another time.  It would certainly help me be a little more consistent at posting.

Anywho…enough about that!  Guess what was waiting on my doorstep when I got home today??

My brand new shower curtain I ordered from Mod Cloth!  Isn’t it adorable??  I just love it!  To top it all off, it had the same exact colors as my old striped, boring shower curtain, so I didn’t have to change my rugs or towels or anything!  SUH-WEET!

So what have you all been up to lately?  Not much here other than dreaming of all the places I’d like to vacation.  I need a money tree dammit!  I was born to travel & I haven’t had a travel fix in awhile.  In the meantime, I have to find blogs & experience all those fabulous destinations thru the eyes of those that are getting the chance to yuck it up and travel.  Lucky ducks!  I used to have mad skills at finding cheap flights, but I tell ya…lately it’s been practically impossible.  Airfares have just gone insanely high as of late.  If you have any tricks up your sleeves on how to find cheaper airfares, please let me know!  I may have a degree in travel & tourism, but I feel a bit out of sorts not being able to find any good deals lately!

Other than daydreaming of Greece, Italy, the west coast…I’ve been picking up my paint brush once again after taking a little break.  I love to paint…it’s so relaxing!  Now if I could just think of some more ideas to put on canvas that I think people would like.  Perhaps, after I get a few more things done, I’ll try my hand at opening up a storefront on & put everything up for sale, just in case any of you out there may be interested.  My last run to the art store, I found the most adorable mini canvas’, so I grabbed a bunch to come home with me!  They were too cute to resist!  Don’t you think?

Told you!  The little square guys are 3×3 and the rectangular ones are 2×4.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy…fresh new paints, new canvas & paint brushes.  I’m like a kid in a candy store in an art supply store!  Lately I’ve been on a palm tree kick.  I don’t always plan it out that way, but sometimes when I’m just painting the background colors, so they are ready to paint on later…the colors just blend so perfectly…they turn into a whole new idea.  Lately, the colors have blended nicely for evening sky backgrounds and sky/ocean type setting.

After painting a few of theses suckers up, it came to me that they would make awesome magnets!  I mean who doesn’t like some awesome refrigerator art!  The magnets I bought were super strong & they ended up being stronger than the hot glue I originally used to hold the magnets in place.  I went to take one off the fridge one day and the magnets stayed put…lol.  After a little experimentation, I found that gorilla glue works wonders & seemed to do the trick!  Here are some the mini paintings I’ve done over the past week or two.  I know they are simple, but I love them!

I even had a special request from my BFF who LOVES the T.V. show, “Don’t Trust the B__ in Apt. 23”.  It’s a hilarious show if you haven’t seen it!  You should definitely watch it!  Anyways, the two characters are Chloe and June & some days she feels like one or the other…it’s a Gemini thing.  LOL.  Anyways, she can simply flip the magnet to the way she feels that day.  I thought it was a cute idea, so I did my best to come up with a cutesy idea.  How do you think it turned out?

Well, I guess I’d better wrap it up for now.  Hope you all have a great week!  It’s only Monday, but on the plus side…no work next Monday!  Woo-Hoo for three day weekends!!



Inspiration Workshop – Spend the Day Playing

Linking up again to the 4th week of the Inspiration Workshop over at GussySews.  I’ve really got to get on the ball and start posting other than once a week for the workshop.  I could say it’s summertime and I’m busy like a lot of people, but I’m not.  Currently, I live in Orlando, FL while my fiance lives in Columbus, OH…sad panda!  So, needless to say…I’m a pretty boring ‘ol 33 yr old when I’m stuck in a city all by myself.  So when it comes to spending the day playing for me…that usually means playing in paint and trying to come up with new ideas to throw on the canvas.  Usually, by the time I’m done I’ll have paint covered hands, possible a bit on the face & I’ve even been known to find paint on my feet!  Below is a collage of 4 random paintings I’ve done over the past few months.  I have several more, so I need to just open up an Etsy shop to try to get rid of them, as I just paint for the fun of it.  Would you be interested if I opened up a shop??
Now the last time I spent the day playing with another person, would have been back in February when my little brother came down to visit his lonely, homesick sister.  His first day down here, his agenda was GATORS.  So we went on an awesome airboat tour of the Everglades at Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours, which was a blast!  Afterwards, we hit up Gatorland where we fed gators hotdogs, while trying not to get attacked by all the birds on the prowl for the food.  I’m not talking little birds either…I’m talking birds that stand up to you waste with huge beaks and will sneak up behind you and give you a peck when you’re trying to feed the gators.  We also watched a few shows & even tried our hand at a little gator wrestling.  It was a fun filled day & I can’t wait for the chance to do it again one of these days when someone else decides to come down for a visit.