It’s Been Awhile!

Hey there blogland!  Holy cow it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post…about 7 months or so!  I guess I just got kind of burned out & wanted to try to step away from being on the computer so much.  I’ve also been trying to get some sort of focus on eating right, exercising (still having a hard time with this one) & maybe putting myself back out there after a 3yr. break to try to find myself a mister.

IMG_2382I have been pretty good about the eating right.  For the majority of the year I was doing Jenny Craig, but I just kind of his a plateau and would lose and gain the same few pounds.  So, I finally just nixed that a month or more ago…it was just kind of expensive and honestly, I was burnt out on the food because I’m a creature of habit and was eating the same select meals every week and it just got old.  So I’ve kind of switched things up on my own and been trying to eat more of a high protein/low carb diet and I’ve actually started losing again.  I was looking through pictures the other day from back in February of this year when my parents visited and I’ve actually lost about 25lbs since then.  I didn’t really notice a difference until seeing pics side by side.  Plus, I also ordered myself a few outfits and purposely ordered a size smaller than normal kind of as a goal to get into, but to my surprise the smaller size fit already.

I really need to get into the habit of exercising again.  I was doing really well for about a month and doing the treadmill everyday and getting in at least a couple miles.  Sometimes, I’d even jump on for a second go of it later on in the day if I was really bored.  The only reason that sidetracked me though was a pair of dress shoes that I wore for a weekend that tore the hell out of my feet, making it impossible to wear socks and tennis shoes because it was so painful and bandaids and tape didn’t stick to the backs of my heals to try to get any relief, so that left me to get out of my habit.  Now I just need dig down deep and find the motivation and desire to jump back in the game.  It is hard though…I’m the first to admit, I hate to exercise….at least at first.  I’ll get there eventually though.  At least I managed to get through Thanksgiving without too much of  a gain!

Lets, see….what else have I been up to??  Oh yes, I have been working on a three piece painting for a friend of mine that they commissioned me to design and paint.  It’s Star Wars themed, so of course this brought me great joy as I’m a Star Wars geek. I tell you…I have never in my life had such a fun time painting.  I was so excited with each phase, from coming up with rough sketches of possible layouts of the symbols to just getting the first coat of paint on the canvas!  I even did miniature magnets of the designs first to make sure they looked just right.  Hopefully, I’ll be getting some more magnets done and in my Etsy shop if you’re interested for a little Star Wars art for your refrigerator!  Promise they look pretty bad ass!  Each canvas for the large wall hanging I was working on was 12×36, so its 3ft x 3ft if you put them all together.  I’ve had a couple of the painting done for about a month or more now, but I was having trouble getting the 3rd piece drawn to scale.  It’s so much easier to draw tiny than on big scale for me.  But the other night, the creative bug hit about midnight and when it hits I have to jump on it, so I did some sketching…wasn’t happy…took a pen and when over the pencil sketch to try to make some corrections and finally got it to look just so and then I took my exacto knife and cut myself out the stencil, so I wouldn’t mess up the main canvas, as those suckers aren’t cheap.  Then a few hours later I was all done.  A little sad that they are done & might even be sad to see them go to a new home, but I’ll also be happy knowing my art work is hanging in someone else’s house and that they love it.


IMG_2410I would be totally happy to duplicate these paintings again if anyone out there is interested.  Just shoot me an e-mail at or visit my etsy shop and put in a request for a custom piece and we’ll get you going!


It’s the Little Things: Painting & Halloween Fun

I thought it was time to do a little things post, as I’ve been slacking since the link-up over at Hello Hue hasn’t been up for a little while, but it’s back up again, so it you’d like to join in and do a “Little Things” post you can link up here.

I got the creative bug this week and did a few paintings for my shop.  Loved how this Cherry Blossom painting turned out.  I did it on a 3×3 canvas & turned it into an adorable magnet.  I’m currently working on a 10×10 version for the BFF since she liked it so much.

I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon and literally everything was 50% off….it took so much to just walk out with one thing!  All of the framed pics and canvas paintings were 50% off and I was just drawn to the “Bird on a Wire” pic.  I walked away about 5 times, but kept going back and finally an old woman walked up behind me and said, “That’s a good one, I think you should get it”, so who am I to argue with an adorable old woman, so I got it! 🙂

On Halloween, my adorable student worker came in all decked out in her Snow White costume and totally decked out my front office in decorations and passed out candy!  Love my student workers…they are adorable and so full of energy.  So thankful for them…they brighten my day.

Thursday morning I get to work and a Nutella truck is in the parking lot, passing out free Nutella and waffles covered in Nutella.  YUMMO!

Other things Not Pictured:

Making plans for some Disney fun for the next two Saturdays in a row!

Seeing pics of my BFF all decked out in full on Princess costume in order to get some $2 Chipolte!  And then getting a phone call that night to hear a funny story….yep, it’s the little things that make my day!

Seeing another good friend post in excitement that he got a role in the t.v. show “Vampire Diaries” and is in Altanta Facebooking status updates from the set in excitement.  So proud of him!  He’s going to be a famous in no time he’s so talented!

It’s Novemeber…15 more days until I get to fly home for a week and a half!!  Can’t wait!

The Painted Palette

If you haven’t noticed yet that I’ve added a new page to the blog, let me point you to it now. 🙂  That page at the top that says “My Etsy”!  I finally took some time and opened up an Etsy shop & it’s called The Painted Palette.  It you’re looking for some cute hand painted magnets for your fridge or some art work for you walls….go on over and take a peek!

I’ve been painting & drawing since I was a wee little girl.  I remember going to the chiropractor with my mom growing up and the receptionist would give me the end rolls of the white paper that went across the chiropractor table & there was always quite a bit left in my opinion, so I’d sit and paint murals for the kitchen wall with my watercolors and would sign them “Sissy”, as that is what I was called growing up due to having a little brother that insisted that was my name.

To this day, I still love to paint and draw!  A blank canvas to me is like a kid in a candy store…pure love!  I don’t always know what I’m going to paint, so I’ll start on a background and then usually something just comes to me or a happy little mistake will turn into something pretty cool.

I also do custom paintings, so feel free to message me if you would like something particular.  I’d be happy to paint you something for your baby nursery or something personalize with a name…you name it–I’m game!  If you’d like to shoot me an e-mail, you can send it to me at thelittleblackraincloud[at]

You can find me on Etsy as the shop “The Painted Palette“.  Stop on over and take a look!

New Shower Curtain, Daydreams & Fresh Paint

Hey there, peeps!  Boy, I’ve really got to start blogging more!  Some days I have a ton of things I want to blog about, then other times I’m just not in zone & I end up posting once a week or wait two weeks, like this time.  I guess, like anything…I should start just writing when it’s on my mind and save it as a draft to post at another time.  It would certainly help me be a little more consistent at posting.

Anywho…enough about that!  Guess what was waiting on my doorstep when I got home today??

My brand new shower curtain I ordered from Mod Cloth!  Isn’t it adorable??  I just love it!  To top it all off, it had the same exact colors as my old striped, boring shower curtain, so I didn’t have to change my rugs or towels or anything!  SUH-WEET!

So what have you all been up to lately?  Not much here other than dreaming of all the places I’d like to vacation.  I need a money tree dammit!  I was born to travel & I haven’t had a travel fix in awhile.  In the meantime, I have to find blogs & experience all those fabulous destinations thru the eyes of those that are getting the chance to yuck it up and travel.  Lucky ducks!  I used to have mad skills at finding cheap flights, but I tell ya…lately it’s been practically impossible.  Airfares have just gone insanely high as of late.  If you have any tricks up your sleeves on how to find cheaper airfares, please let me know!  I may have a degree in travel & tourism, but I feel a bit out of sorts not being able to find any good deals lately!

Other than daydreaming of Greece, Italy, the west coast…I’ve been picking up my paint brush once again after taking a little break.  I love to paint…it’s so relaxing!  Now if I could just think of some more ideas to put on canvas that I think people would like.  Perhaps, after I get a few more things done, I’ll try my hand at opening up a storefront on & put everything up for sale, just in case any of you out there may be interested.  My last run to the art store, I found the most adorable mini canvas’, so I grabbed a bunch to come home with me!  They were too cute to resist!  Don’t you think?

Told you!  The little square guys are 3×3 and the rectangular ones are 2×4.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy…fresh new paints, new canvas & paint brushes.  I’m like a kid in a candy store in an art supply store!  Lately I’ve been on a palm tree kick.  I don’t always plan it out that way, but sometimes when I’m just painting the background colors, so they are ready to paint on later…the colors just blend so perfectly…they turn into a whole new idea.  Lately, the colors have blended nicely for evening sky backgrounds and sky/ocean type setting.

After painting a few of theses suckers up, it came to me that they would make awesome magnets!  I mean who doesn’t like some awesome refrigerator art!  The magnets I bought were super strong & they ended up being stronger than the hot glue I originally used to hold the magnets in place.  I went to take one off the fridge one day and the magnets stayed put…lol.  After a little experimentation, I found that gorilla glue works wonders & seemed to do the trick!  Here are some the mini paintings I’ve done over the past week or two.  I know they are simple, but I love them!

I even had a special request from my BFF who LOVES the T.V. show, “Don’t Trust the B__ in Apt. 23”.  It’s a hilarious show if you haven’t seen it!  You should definitely watch it!  Anyways, the two characters are Chloe and June & some days she feels like one or the other…it’s a Gemini thing.  LOL.  Anyways, she can simply flip the magnet to the way she feels that day.  I thought it was a cute idea, so I did my best to come up with a cutesy idea.  How do you think it turned out?

Well, I guess I’d better wrap it up for now.  Hope you all have a great week!  It’s only Monday, but on the plus side…no work next Monday!  Woo-Hoo for three day weekends!!