October Foodie PenPal Reveal

Yay!  Time for my second Foodie Penpal reveal!  I’m not sure what part of the Foodie Penpal exchange I like better…..receiving a box of mystery goodies from someone or putting a box together myself to send to my partner.  It’s a pretty close tie, but I really like putting a box of goodies together and then hearing back about how much they liked everything.  Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling! 🙂

The day I came home from work and found my Foodie Penpal package on my doorstep, I ran inside and opened it up within about 30 seconds I was so excited….yeah, it doesn’t take much!  Just send me mail and I’m thrilled! My Foodie Penpal that sent me a package was Lisa who’s blog is Lisa’s World of Books if you’d like to stop over and check it out!  Lisa lives all the way up in Michigan & sent me a bunch of goodies!

Look at all that loot!  Nom, Nom, Nom!

These fruit strips from Stretch Island Fruit Co. were my favorite!  I used to get them when I lived in the Chicago suburbs.  They are a super healthy snack and count towards your fruit servings for the day!

Next up is a bar of dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is my favorite, but I can’t eat it once it’s over 70% cocoa…just too bitter for me, but I’ve got a co-worker that will thank you!  I also love that this particular brand of chocolate donates 10% of the price of the bar towards saving endangered species.

Now, Larabars…I was familiar with, as I get them a lot, but I have never seen the Uber Larabar & let me tell you….it was DELICIOUS!  I love everything apple flavored and this did not disappoint!  As for the Perfectly Simple bar…I had never heard of these before and I was curious since it was toasted coconut, which I love!  I was expecting a chocolate covered coconut concoction, but there was no chocolate, which was nice for a change!  Especially since I grabbed this for breakfast one morning and I just can’t do super sweet stuff in the mornings and this was perfect!

I’m a peanut butter nut!  I’ve tried both of these before & they are so yummy!  These went perfectly with my…..

delicious Michigan apple!  One thing I miss about living in the midwest is getting to go to the apple orchards in the fall.  I don’t think they have them here in Florida.  So this was a real treat!

The last two items here are both Michigan made products, so I had never had either.  When Lisa e-mailed me and asked what I liked, I told her I like to eat healthy, but I’m open to anything.  So, to go towards healthy, she found these chips with no salt.  I tried them & have come to the conclusion that chips just aren’t the same without any salt.  As for the Faygo soda….did you notice the flavor written on the bottle?  Yes…it says CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE!  I didn’t know what to think when I seen this, as I had never heard of chocolate soda.  So I popped it in the fridge to get cold and had it a few days later when i was craving chocolate & it was one of the most odd, yet delicious things I’ve ever had.  I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again!

Well, that about wraps up my reveal for October!  I sent my package to Erica, a fellow Floridian.  You can visit her blog here.  If you think you’d like to sign-up and take part in the Foodie Penpal exchange you can hop on over to sign up at Lindsay’s blog The Lean Green Bean.  You only have until November 4th to sign up for the November exchange!  Matches are e-mailed out on the 5th and the you have until the 15th of the month to put your package in the mail.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

Happy Halloween!


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