Caribbean Adventures: Grand Cayman – The Turtle Farm

The morning that we dropped anchor in Grand Cayman was a bit gloomy with a little rain storm rolling around the harbor, but we kept our fingers crossed that it would blow over.  So we went ahead and grabbed some breakfast and chilled out on the deck while we ate and kept our eye on the rain.  Luckily,  the rain didn’t stick around long & left us with a nice little rainbow as we tendered to shore.

We actually made it inland about an hour or so before our excursion, so we took the opportunity to browse thru a couple of the stores real quick.  Then after we had our quick peek around, we headed for the tent for our excursion & sat & waited for take-off.  Since we had gotten their early, we actually seen the first group for our same excursion take off and it was huge.  Luckily, since we were smart and picked the 2nd tour that was an hour later we lucked out and there were only 6 people for ours.  SCORE!  Around 10:00, we all climbed into a van and headed towards the first part of our excursion…The Turtle Farm!  I’ve been there once before & loved it because I absolutely adore turtles.

We only had 30 minutes to look around the turtle farm, which made it seem kind of rushed, but it was plenty of time to get the photo ops that we wanted.  Plus, it left more time for part two of the excursion…more on that in another post.  Now the first body of water we came too had a lot of these huge turtles floundering about.  They were probably a good 400 lbs. a piece….they were no joke and you’d definitely not want to get your fingers very close to their face as these guys had some wicked looking chompers on them!

After we were done looking at these big cuties, we headed around to the tanks with the smaller turtles that we could hold.  They actually said we could get in one of the holding tanks with them, but I was content staying dry at the moment and just catching them for pictures.  They were fast little guys, so you had to be quick!  Once you’d actually get a good hold on a turtle and pull them out of the water they would have there little freak out session and they would flap their little flippers like crazy, but the trick to calming them down was to just rub them under there neck like you would with a dog and they mellowed out and made picture taking a little easier.

They were so fun!  After posing for pics and playing with them it made me want to take one home.  Plus, I wanted to save them all from being made into turtle burgers & turtle soup, since they are one of the main things they eat on the island.  Poor little guys!

Aren’t they just adorable??

Okay, now after posting all of these pics for your viewing pleasure….I’m ready to go back!  It was really a lot of fun getting all of these pictures.  It was definitely an awesome way to make some good memories!

After we were done, they had outdoor sinks and soap for us to wash up and be on our way.  We took a few minutes to wander around the gift shop & get our souvenir magnets they we like to collect every time we travel someplace new.  Then it was onto our next big adventure!

To be continued…


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