Caribbean Adventures: Part One

Okay, so I’ve figured I’ve kept you all on pins and needles long enough to hear about the cruise.  I should have wrote everything up when I got back from the cruise, but quite honestly I was wiped out and just lazy when we got back.  It was so nice to have a full week off to relax and unwind though & that included taking a full week off from blogging as well.

I actually contemplated taking the laptop with me on the cruise, but decided just to shut off all technology while on the cruise.  Granted…I checked Facebook and e-mail until the ship finally took off and turned on their internet, which means big fees if you use it, so I turned it on to airplane mode for the remainder of the trip and it was actually nice for a change.  I did catch myself every now and then in the evening grabbing it out of habit to check in on some social media and then quickly remembered it wasn’t an option.

I was a little disappointed with the Carnival Paradise due to it evidently being one of their smallest ships.  I’ve been on several and was stoked to show the BFF everything I had been talking about from previous cruises.  Whomp, Whomp….FAIL!  When we boarded the ship and walked into the “Grand Atrium” I was positive they must have had two and this was the tiny one and we’d find the big one later….WRONG!  Then we were off to check out the pools……make that pool.  One tiny rectangular pool that was split in half by a board across the middle because of a curly cue water slide on the one half.  Seriously!  Why on earth would they think one pool was enough for a cruise ship full of people with part of them being kids.  There was another small round pool that the BFF dubbed “The Shark Tank”, which was round….not even as big as an above ground pool you’d put in your yard.  You had to climb a ladder down into it… was just weird.  And once you were down in it….you couldn’t see the deck or anyone outside of the pool….it might as well have been a cave.

Even given the tiny factor, it was still an awesome time.  It was my first all girl vacation, it was 5 days to spend with the BFF & it was time to relax & have no worries.  I also love getting to know the staff every time I go on a cruise as they are from all over the world.  We had the most adorable room steward, Aswar, who we made sure to stop and talk to every time we seen him in the hallway.  We would confess our boredom with the ship activities & ask him to take us to the staff parties, which they do have by the way & he would just laugh and tell us they do have a tour of the staff quarters for $50…LOL. I loved the fact if Stephanie or I were ever by ourselves without one another he would always ask were the other person was, so as least if Stephanie would have pushed me overboard, someone would have noticed. 🙂

Well, I could keep on writing, but I’ll do you a favor and break up the trip in a few different posts, as I know people don’t always enjoy reading really long posts, which I can easily write.  Maybe writing a book is more my forte, since I’m a bit long winded when it comes to writing.  Anyways, stay tuned for posts on Grand Cayman & Mexico!  I’ll leave you with a picture from the Captain’s Dinner the first full day of the cruise.

Jenn & Stephanie all decked out for the Captain’s Dinner

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