20 Days & Counting…

That’s right….20 days and counting until an actual VACATION!!  I’m so excited!  It’s been way to long since I’ve actually taken a real vacation & what makes it even better….it’s a girls vacay with the BFF!  I’ve never taken an all girls vacation, so this should be fun…..like a 5 day slumber party.  I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do on the cruise ship & we’ve already got one of our excursions planned to the Mayan Ruins, which I haven’t been to yet, so that should be great!  Might as well go see the ruins of the people responsible of creating this calendar that ends in December…LOL!  The same day we booked the cruise, I got an e-mail for a Groupon offer for tanning, so I bit….I need to get some color before the cruise, so I went yesterday and today and already got some color, although I think I burned my bum…lol.  Oh well…fat looks better tan! 🙂  Now just keep your fingers crossed I can find a dress for the fancy dinner for one of the evenings on this ship.  I went in search today and came up empty handed!  The few I did find and liked were $100+…..uh, no thank you, especially since I don’t wear dresses!  I did find a swim suit top on clearance for $5 at JC Penny though, so I was happy I at least found something.  Any how….I’m counting down the days till a little R&R.  Speaking of R&R….hope everyone enjoys there Labor Day!


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