Happy Monday & Giveaway Winners

Happy Monday!  I can say that today since I was smart and took the day off work!  Sorry I’ve been so terrible about posting lately!  My back is acting up, like it tends to do at least once a year, so after sitting at work all day I’ve just been coming home, popping some advil & then laying with an icepack for a bit and then soaking in a hot bath, so I just haven’t felt up to posting.  When my back is hurting like this, it just kills my mood to do much of anything.  I tried calling the chiropractor last week, but the soonest they could get me in was today, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some relief.

I did manage to down a pint of gelato while icing my back though.  If you have never had gelato…TRY IT!  I’m not an ice cream fan….a McDonald’s cone is about all I like.  On the occasion that I do want a little Ben & Jerry’s I can only eat about two or three bites and I’m done, so it lasts me awhile.  Kind of a different story with the gelato….it was gone in 3 days!  So good!  It doesn’t get hard like ice cream, so you just sink your spoon right in and eat the most creamy & flavorful treat ever!  I absolutely loved the Sea Salt Caramel flavor, as I love caramel, but I definitely want to try some other flavors!

I also managed to down a whole bottle of my favorite red moscato one evening when I was out of advil.  It must have worked because it was the best sleep I had gotten in a long time!

Saturday evening, I went out with my friends to try out the Wine Room on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL.  We all had such a great time!  I mean what’s better than good wine, good friends & good food??  Plus it was such a lovely day out weather wise, we just snagged a table outside on the sidewalk and enjoyed people & pet watching along with some good conversation.  I don’t go out much, so it was nice just to unwind.  I didn’t even take my phone out all evening to snap tons of pics like usual.  This place was pretty darn awesome though.  It had these cool wine machines all over the place, so you could either get a 1oz. pour, 2.5oz. pour or a 5oz. pour.  You just get a preloaded card when you go in and then you pop the card in the machine you want to try wine out of…put your glass under and select the size of pour you want and wah-la!  They had 148 wines in these machines to try, so if you want to try a variety of wines…this is the way to go!  Luckily I snagged a Groupon for a $40 card for $26 a while back.  It pays off to watch Groupon.com for deals!


I also want to take thank everyone who entered in the giveaway this past week, so the winners that were drawn were Miranda from the Eclectic Bookshelf & Katie from The Simple Songbird.  Shoot me an e-mail with your addresses & I’ll ship out your soap! thelittleblackraincloud@yahoo.com  Congrats!


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