It’s the Little Things: Confirmation E-mails & Free Wi-Fi

Happy Sunday everyone!  Sorry for not being able to post a lot lately.  I’ve had ongoing internet issues at home with my AT&T service.  Waited around all day at home yesterday for repairman #2 to show up and he never showed, so now I’m at my local Barnes & Nobles, trying to get a few things done before my weekend totally disappears.  Anyways, on to my little things link-up with Lindsay over at Hello Hue.

I was estatic to get my e-mail confirmation that my customized Erin Condren Life Planner had been printed and shipped & will be in my hands by August 7th!  I can’t wait!  As you all know, I love office supplies and I also have a small addiction to calendars….I LOVE THEM.  I hang them everywhere.  I prefer the paper calendars vs. electronic ones too because I love to write in different colored ink all over them….maybe that’s the artsy side of me that likes that.  Hello, my name is Jenn & I’m a calendar addict.

A few weeks ago, thanks to a co-worker from another campus who was visiting the campus I work on…she introduced me to Malena’s Gourmet Creations.  I was so excited to get my order in the mail this week along with a few extras…she’s so sweet!  Oh my gosh, guys!  This stuff is awesome!  Look for a blog post on the items I tried out later this week & possibly a giveaway!  Keep an eye out…you won’t want to miss out!

Stepping out of my comfort zone & wore a dress to work.  If you know me…you know I’m not a dress person….AT ALL!  Well, when I was walking around drinking my wine slushy at the mall last weekend, I see the dress and thought it was super cute, so I bought it.  And since we had corporate visitors at work this week, figured what the heck!  I’m uncomfortable in a suit jacket too, so might as well do it.  So I did….got lots of rave reviews, even though uncomfortable & uncomfortable by all the compliments…it felt kind of good to do something out of the norm for me.

Booked the final leg of my flight home for Thanksgiving!  Someone better be at the Burlington airport at 1:10 on November 16th to pick me up! 🙂

Since internet has been down all weekend…that met no streaming netflix, so I made the best of it and turned it into a Twilight marathon on Saturday.  How Kristen Stewart could cheat on Robert Pattinson is beyond me….he’s welcome at my house anytime!

Free wi-fi at Barnes & Nobles & Starbucks all in one stop…LOVE!  I feel so at home in a bookstore…I could so live here!  I always wanted to have my own book store…maybe one day!

Orange Chicken Chinese take-out….smelled and tasted awesome!  I’m not much on Chinese lately for some reason, but someone mentioned it this week and I’ve had a taste for it ever since.  Craving complete!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



One thought on “It’s the Little Things: Confirmation E-mails & Free Wi-Fi

  1. I totally feel you on the office supply love–especially the paper calendars! I can’t deal with keeping a digital calendar. Something about it just doesn’t work for me. Also, love the dress! I’m the opposite–I pretty much LIVE in dresses. Even if I’m just chillin’ at home, I am so much more comfortable in a dress!

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