It’s the Little Things: New Glasses & Wine Slushies

Hey there, peeps!  I totally missed doing last weeks “Little Things” post…sorry about that!  It’s been a super busy and chaotic couple of weeks at work, so hopefully, things will slow down a bit for a few weeks until the whole chaotic cycle begins again…Blah!  Now onto my post…

*A new notebook & colored pens…..I have no idea why office supplies make me happy, but they do! 🙂

*A new pair of Betsey Johnson brand eyeglasses….I CAN SEE AGAIN!!  No more headaches!

*A stocked fridge of nothing but health food in the attempt to get to eating better again.  Funny thing is I’ve avoided the fridge like the plague since it’s been stocked.  I’ve got to get a taste for veggies again!

*I ran to the mall this morning and came across the cutest store called the Winey Wench & you could sample anything they had in the store.  I took total advantage of that, plus they made awesome wine slushies.  I was hooked after my sample of this, so I took one to go while I shopped.

*Figured I better eat some breakfast to go with the wine before getting too tipsy, so nothing like a Subway egg white and turkey flat bread with avocado for breakfast to go with my wine slushy.  Breakfast of Champions!  Hey…it was 5 o’clock somewhere!

*My first pair of prescription sunglasses ever!  LOVE THEM!!  It’s so nice not to have to squint all the way home on my drive home from work in the evenings!

*Of course I walked away with a new bottle of wine for my fridge door collection after tasting this at the Winey Wench….Moscato Allegro….pretty yummy stuff!

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