It’s the Little Things: Haircut & Highlights

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the lack of posts this week!  I’ve had major headaches lately, so I’ve been staying off the computer when I’m not at work from 9-6.  I finally decided to go to the eye doctor and I’m pretty sure the headaches are from the fact that I can’t see out of my left eye without some major blur, when the right eye is covered and that’s with my glasses on!  So fingers crossed when the new specs come in, it will get rid of the headaches.

Well, once again…I’m linking up with Hello Hue for there little things post, so if you want to join the fun, just follow the link to her page and link up! 🙂

Last Saturday, I decided it was time for a new do, so I headed over to Aveda for a cut and highlights.  Thanks to everyone who chimed in on to cut or not to cut…it was pretty much a tie, so I decided the heck with it…it grows fast!  So I chopped a good 10+ inches off!

I came across the umbrella that I have been eyeing on for some time now while I was at Target for my eye appointment.  SCORE!

Sushi for din din!

Not pictured:

A Sunday mantinee to see “Magic Mike”.  Disappointing storyline, which was to be expected, but to see the hotties shaking their booties….totally worth it!

Picked out a new pair of eyeglasses to hold my much needed new prescription!  Can’t wait until they come in so I can see without fuzziness.  Even more excited that I ordered my first pair of sunglasses ever!!  May sound lame to some to get excited over sunglasses, but it’s my first pair with my prescription in them, so I’m very elated for them to come it because this Florida sun is brutal on the eyes!

Hope everyone had a great week!  It was nice having the 4th of July off, but with the day off right in the middle of the week…I have to say kind of threw me off this week.

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things: Haircut & Highlights

  1. Nice haircut! I just chopped mine off yesterday too, it’s been way too hot out to have long hair!! It feels so good to get a haircut. I need to go to the eye doctor soon, I’ve had my glasses for probably 5 years and I am in desperate need of new ones. I have been wanting to get prescription sunglasses for such a long time but haven’t wanted to spend the extra money. Right now I have transitions, but feel like I want them darker. Nice post 🙂

  2. Oh Em Gee, your new haircut is SO FRAKING adorable.
    Seriously, I can’t get over how cute you look.
    All day today, I was contemplating a colour and cut, and seeing your new look has sealed it for me. As soon as I get my next paycheque, I am going for it.

    • So sweet…thank you! It’s definitely nice to have a different style after having it long for so long, plus it’s much easier to manage since I’m not one that likes to take a lot of time to do my hair, so I’m loving it! There are days I miss it long, but no regrets! You’ll have to post pics of your new do when you get it!

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