It’s the Little Things – Bubble Baths & Cupcakes

It’s Friday….YAY!!!  I tell ya…the work week just isn’t as much fun when your birthday has come and gone.  Even though this week dragged & was kind of a bore…there were all sorts of little things that made me smile.

I grew up watching The Muppets on t.v. and love them dearly.  Well, the bestie got me the newest Muppet movie for my birthday last week.  I finally sat down and watched it Sunday afternoon and was almost in tears I loved it so much!  Thanks Stephanie!  You’re the best bestie ever!

I got a gift card to Bath & Body Works from my parents, so I had to hit up there huge semi-annual sale that is going on.  I managed to snag about $150 in product, but after coupon and gift card it only cost me $20!  Love shopping trips like that!

The other day while I was at work, trying to find something to do other than work for a minute before I went cross-eyed from staring at the computer any longer I started going thru my desk drawer and found a stash of mini post-it notes I forgot I had…SCORE!  Shut-up…Yes I love office supplies!  Don’t judge!

Out of my new stash of Bath & Body Works I found two new scents I absolutely LOVE!  The Wild Apple Daffodil is just yummy and then the Pink Soft & Dreamy lotion…well, it’s just that & the smell of it is heavenly.

Wednesday I decided to get a little fancy and wear my new whippy cake headband I had purchased a month or so ago for the first time.  I’m not big on hair accessories, but I love to support handmade shops and I just thought these were cute.  I tell ya…I got so many darn compliments that day!  It just made me all warm & fuzzy inside…kinda like a muppet…lol!  Mah Na Mah Na!

Then of course I still had cuppy cakes lingering around the house from the weekend & having a little me party birthday celebration. 🙂

Then tonight I wrapped up my week with my first class out of five with April Durham from the Blog Designer Network.  Great classes to sign up for if you’re interested in blog design!  Can’t wait for the next few classes, so I can get my own business up and running once I get the hang of things again.  I used to design blogs, but haven’t done it in ages, so wanted to brush up on my skills & also learn WordPress, since I only designed in Blogger before.

Anyways, that about sums up the little things that made my week!  What are the little things that made you smile this week?  Write them up in a post and come and join the link up party over at Hello Hue!


9 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things – Bubble Baths & Cupcakes

  1. I’m a total office supply junkie too!! I think the picture that got me the most excited was the post-it notes, haha. When you finish the course & feel ready, I would LOVE to have you design my blog…I only have a small idea of what I’m doing, so it would be awesome to have someone else do it for me. 🙂

    • Gotta love office supplies! I would LOVE to design a blog for you once I’m done with the class! I’ll be done with the class towards the end of July, but feel free to e-mail your ideas in the meantime & I can do some brainstorming in the meantime and maybe try to work on it as the class goes along. I remember stuff better if I actually have to do it while I’m learning! Just shoot me an e-mail with your info and ideas to: You made my day girlie! 🙂

      • ooo yay!! I’ll brainstorm some ideas/look for other designs I like. when I’m back from vacation I’ll send you an email so we can chat! 🙂

      • Sounds like a plan, doll! Look forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic vacation…so jealous! I’m in much need of a vacation! I’ve got 15 days to use and haven’t used any of them yet this year…I need to get on that pronto! 🙂

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