Things You Need To Know If We’re Going To Be BFF’s

I saw this on a few other blogs earlier today when I was catching up on some blog reading, so I figured I’d follow suit.  You can never have to many friends, right?  If you want to be my friend…suh-weet!  Just be forewarned that I come with a few quirks!

1.  I have a phobia of clowns.  They freak me the fuck out, so don’t EVER get me anything with a clown on it, even if you think it’s cute…it’s not!  Definitely don’t take me to the circus, dress up as a clown for Halloween or expect me to go through a haunted house as they always have a clown lurking within them somewhere and I may trample some poor innocent kids trying to get away from that crazy clown.

2.  I can’t handle anything to do with eyes.  So if you wear contacts, don’t put them in, in front of me or put drops in your eyes where I can see.  Or try to dig an eyelash out of your eye.  I may gag.  No wiggling your eyes at me either…it gives me the heebie the jeebies!  Ewww!

3.  I’m sarcastic as hell & a total smartass and can lay it on pretty thick sometimes.  I may also have a somewhat twisted sense of humor.  I may even pick on you.  If you’re my BFF…that’s allowed, so be prepared. 🙂

4.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t call you.  I love you…I do, but I don’t like to talk on the phone.  It’s okay if you call me, but I more than likely won’t initiate the first call, but I’ll always answer if you call or will return your call if I miss it.

5.  I don’t like to go to clubs or bars.  I’m always up for a wine bar though.

6.  I may talk your ear off, especially when I’ve been drinking.  I may get a bad case of the giggles for no apparent reason, as well, so just remind me to breathe before I die…scratch that…that will probably make me laugh even harder, so I apologize in advance if this may embarrass you.

7.  I love to hang out with friends pretty frequently if we’re near each other, as I hate having to entertain myself…it’s just not as much fun.  Two is always better than one…it’s a Gemini thing.  I won’t bug you though and be all clingy, but never hesitate to ask if you’re up for doing something because I’m always game if I don’t have prior plans.

8.  BBF’s = Family  If you ever badmouth my friends or family I will go ninja on your ass!

9.  I don’t like clothes.  I’m one of those that strip down to their underwear as soon as I walk in the door from work.  I may or may not put on pj’s…it depends on my mood and if I have recently gotten a new pair of cute pajama’s that I want to wear.  If you come over unannounced, it may take me a few minutes to answer the door because I’m trying to find clothes to throw on.  I’ve just learned to keep the pj’s on the ottoman if I’m not wearing them, just in case.  Probably TMI, but just being honest.

10.  I’m honest & trustworthy, a good listener, love to laugh, drama-free & nonjudgmental.  Potential friends should hopefully possess those qualities as well.

You’re turn.  Leave me a link in the comments if you do this too!


4 thoughts on “Things You Need To Know If We’re Going To Be BFF’s

  1. Hah! I love this, what a fun idea! My biggest stipulation would probably be my weird sense of humor. I make off-color jokes all the time, and sometimes it catches people off guard…but at least at the end of the day, I’m enjoying myself. 🙂

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