Cupcake Hearts

How many times have you been out and about on a trip and gotten a taste for something sweet?  Or been on vacation during someones birthday & wanted to surprise them with a birthday treat, rather than embarrass them at a restaurant where all the waiters and waitresses sing you there corny rendition of “Happy Birthday” and give you a dessert for free.  Well, I’ve got the place for you and it’s located right in Kissimmee!  The shop is called Cupcake Hearts.  They are open at 10am everyday, except Sunday, in which they open at 11am.  Then they close at 7pm everyday, except Friday, in which there hours are extended until 9pm & Sundays they close at 4pm.

They are an adorable little shop that makes delicious, FRESH cupcakes daily!  When you walk in you’ll see all the different cupcakes, offered in some amazing flavors, on display on the counter on pretty little covered pedestals.  It makes it very hard to try to decide what to try, because I know I wanted to try them all, but I refrained.  I will definitely be going back to try some of the other flavors that I didn’t get a chance to try!  What’s great is they have there cupcakes in two sizes, regular and mini.  I opted for the mini’s, which were the perfect size if you just want a couple bites of something sweet instead of indulging in a whole cupcake.  I ended up getting a half dozen mini cupcakes to try, each in different flavors.  They were devine!

I even took pictures of each one I tried for you….all except one.  Sadly, it didn’t make it past me & my bestie!  We had a long day of walking around one of the parks and wanted a bite of something sweet, so we split the flavor called “Bananas”, which is a banana cupcake with chocolate chips, vanilla bean cream cheese frosting with a dot of chocolate fudge on top.  It was scrumptious!  It was one of my favorites out of the 6 flavors I tried.

The next flavor I opted to try was “Red Velvet”.  This one was simply a red velvet cupcake with the vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.  I must be the yummy frosting because my 3 favorite flavors all had this icing on top.  The red velvet cake was nice & moist & was so tasty!  I would definitely recommend this one!”

Apple Pie” was the next flavor I tried.  Another favorite!  This was a cinnamon apple cupcake, with once again, vanilla bean cream cheese icing & topped with a squiggle of caramel.  As Rachael Ray would say, “YUMMO”!  I love anything apple flavored, so I knew this one would be a winner.

Next, I decided to try the one called “Coco”, which is a coconut cupcake with coconut icing!  Talk about coconut explosion….Yum!  The cupcake menu on the website also says that this cupcake is topped with toasted coconut flake, which mine wasn’t….bummer!  It was still darn good though!  I think they should make an almond joy cupcake….coconut cupcake, chocolate frosting and top with an almond….now that would be awesome!

Alright….down to the final two flavors.  Don’t get too excited when I tell you this next flavor chocolate lovers….”Nutella”!  It was a vanilla cupcake, with a hazelnut spread icing, topped with hazelnut wafer crumbles.  This one was still tasty, but it didn’t totally win me over.  Not sure if I may have changed the consistency of the icing by putting them in the fridge after I got home for a little while because they were in the hot car for the 45 minute ride home.  I’d be willing to try this one again & try it without putting it in the fridge first.

They final flavor I tried of you all & by far won me over by presentation.  It was the flavor they dubbed, “Smores”.  It’s a chocolate fudge cupcake with a graham cracker bottom & torched marshmallow icing!  It just looked awesome!  I was a little disappointed because it didn’t have much marshmallow taste, but that could have been because I had the mini version.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my review of Cupcake Hearts and I hope you decide to give them a try.  Besides cupcakes, they also specialize in cakes for all occasions, desserts in a jar, and more.  Go check out all of there information on the website at where you can also find there full menu of cupcake flavors.

They are located at:
3156 Bill Beck Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL  34744

Phone: 407-344-0404

They are located in the Wal-mart plaza off of Osceola Parkway, next to Denny’s.  I put the address in my GPS & it put me across the street, so if you see Wal-mart, just ignore your GPS and turn in there if your GPS tends to lead you astray from time to time, like mine.


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