Vintage Vino…Give it a Visit!

Looking for a great wine bar in downtown Kissimmee?  Vintage Vino is your place!  After dinner & dessert, my friend and I were ready to unwind after a long work week and just kick back and relax with some wine and good conversation.  I absolutely loved everything about this place!  From the shelves of wines, brick walls, comfy chairs, a cozy nook with a high top (which is where we opted to sit) or you can go up to the bar if you prefer to sit there.  They also have outdoor seating available on the sidewalk if you choose.

As soon as we sat down, we were greeted and given a menu of there most popular wines, as were also informed that they have a lot more than listed on the menu, but those were the most popular.  I immediately put down the menu & just asked for some good suggestions.  I told her my favorite wines & my friend did the same.  I like white wines & she likes reds.  She said she had some good ideas of what we’d like and returned shortly with a couple of different bottles.  She poured me a taste, so I could try it first and she nailed what I like on the head and I quickly opted for a full glass.  She did the same for my friend, who didn’t opt for her first taste, but then the second type she got to taste, she loved and opted for a glass.  Our hostess did an excellent job at picking out the perfect wines, and she said she is better with beer & the owner, John, is the wine expert.

So we kicked back and had a good time just sitting and talking and enjoying our wine.  After a while, John, the owner came over and introduced himself and welcomed us to the wine bar.  He let us know a little about the place, hours, events & got us signed up to be on the e-mail list.  He also let us know that they have over 50 types of wines & 50 types of different beers to try by the glass.  They also always have different cheeses on hand, at all times, to try.

That being said, we decided to order a cheese platter.  Our hostess made sure and tried to find out our cheese preferences, so we made it easy and told her what we didn’t like.  She returned shortly with a sample for us to try before creating the platter, which was awesome.  You just don’t find service like that at many places.  We agreed that the cheese was delicious, so she went ahead and put that on our platter.  When she brought it out, it was so pretty…you almost didn’t want to eat it.  We had a softer cheese on one corner, a harder cheese on the other, with a couple different varieties of crackers, some sliced apples, a small bunch of grapes, some dried apricots and a few cocoa flavored almonds.  And what was even better….it paired perfectly with our wines!  So good!

It started to get late, so after sitting there for a couple of hours, we decided it was time to head home.  We will definitely be back to Vintage Vino soon, as we were really impressed with everything they have to offer!  If you’re in the area, please make it a point to stop in and check the place out.  It is very small & quaint, but don’t let that fool you.  What they lack in size they make up in all the different varieties of wines, beers & cheeses that are offered, as well as awesome service!

To find out more about Vintage Vino, you can check them out on the web at

They are located at:

14 E. Dakin Avenue
Kissimmee, FL  34741




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