Complete Randomness…

Okay, now I’ve always watched the nightly news to find out what’s going on and such ever since I was younger, but since moving to Florida, I’m to the point I almost don’t want to watch the news.  The news down here is so crazy…or maybe it’s the Floridans that are the crazy ones!  I mean just the other day down in Miami there was a crazy naked man that attacked a homeless man and pretty much ate his face off…dead serious!  Witnesses said he was growling and ripping the flesh from the guys face….poor dude is in critical condition.  Now the zombie dude had to be shot to death just to get him to stop…took like 6 rounds….blah!  Gives me the Heebie the Jeebies!

As disturbing as that news story was…am I weird for being more upset about a guy that was on the news tonight that was watching his roommates for kittens while they were away and claimed he was depressed, so he decided to strangle one kitty to death…bite off another ones lip and burned its ears with a lighter and the other two are mysteriously missing?  PSYCHO!!  I just tend to sympathize for animals more than humans…call me crazy!  Maybe it’s the Floridian crazy rubbing off on me…lol.

I warned you that this post was complete randomness!

On a less disturbing front…also on the news…Chia Seeds.  Yep, the same things you spread on a Chia Pet, but don’t eat those because they are covered in pesticides and fertilizer.  Evidently they are the new and upcoming super food or something.  Has anyone tried them?  They say that a tablespoon is 60 calories and 5 grams of fiber and that they expand up to 12 times there size, which ultimately gives you the sensation of being full…total plus!  They showed them sprinkled in yogurt, mixed into smoothies or just to simply use as a thickening agent in soups and such.  They seem to create a gel type substance after they have sat in liquid for a little bit.  Anyways…I’m just curious if anyones tried them and how they liked them or how they eat them.  If you have…please leave a comment & let me know.

Okay…I think that’s enough randomness for this evening.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!




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