Volunteering at Give the Kids the World Village

On Friday I had the opportunity to volunteer for Give Kids the World Village.  Luckily, I was all caught up in the office & it was during a slower time during the term, so as soon as I got the okay from the boss, I signed up immediately.

 Give Kids the World Village is located on 70+ acres in Kissimmee, FL.  It is a place for kids who are terminally ill to go for a week with their families & stay in a villa in the village & experience all there is to do on site, such as themed nights, dive-in movies at the pool, rides, mini golf & more.  Not only that, Give Kids the World sends each of those families to all of the area theme parks!  It’s a really AMAZING program & such a magical place.  They have a motto that they never say no, so if a ride isn’t up and running during the day because most families are at the parks, they just have to ask and they will get the ride up and going just for them!  It was truly an honor and a privilege to get a chance to volunteer for the wonderful organization for the afternoon!

As you walk through the village you will not see a single corporate logo or any sponsors logos, as it’s not about sponsors….it’s truly for the kids!  The buildings are bright and cheery, bursting with vibrant colors.  Each villa may look different on the outside, but they are all identical on the inside.  They have a huge pool area with a pirate ship, which the mast is the screen for those “Dive-In” movies I mentioned earlier.  There are buildings that look like huge cupcakes & mushrooms.  I think one of the favorite places in the village for the kiddos is the ice cream shoppe….ice cream is available any time they want it…yep…even for breakfast!

 If you’d like to read more about Give Kids the World Village, you can check them out online at www.gktw.org.  If you think you’d like to apply to volunteer, you can sign up on the website for that as well!  While I was there, we seen an older gentleman out delivering toys from villa to villa & were told he had the most volunteer hours at the village and had logged just over 20,000 hours!  Holy cow!  What a saint!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of our afternoon volunteering.  We didn’t get to work directly with the kids since we were there during the afternoon when most are out at the parks, so we helped a bit with the landscaping and help spread sand to fill in the spaces around the pavers on the walkways.  It was hot & sweaty work, but I think almost everyone would do it again, just because it’s for such a wonderful cause!


7 thoughts on “Volunteering at Give the Kids the World Village

  1. We just got back from Give Kids the World on a Make A Wish for my daughter, it truly is wonderful and I for one appreciate all of the volunteer hours spent there making the place great! Thanks! I can’t wait to get back to Florida and volunteer myself. Thanks for doing the “dirty” work to keep up the place, we kept commenting how clean and well maintained the grounds were.

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