Weekend Wrap-up

Hey there!  Well, I believe today wraps up my week of posting on the i.seekissimmee.com website.  It was great to be able to write up reviews that I would normally do and get them published on a tourism website.  Plus, to get paid for the gig on top of that…SCORE!  Hopefully, I can get on the calendar and review some more places next spring, since they like you to wait a year before being featured again.  I may go ahead and post everything over here on my blog now that the week is over, as well as stick them in my “Travel Review” section in case you want to find them easily in the future.  For now, you can check out all of my posts here.

Seeing my posts helped make my week.  It was a super busy week at work for me, so that had me down a bit.  Then on Thursday evening I came home and found out that my uncle that lived 5 miles down the road from me had passed away that morning, which was kind of unexpected.  Made me sad & guilty that I hadn’t called recently or been over to visit in a while….C’est la vie!

R.I.P. Uncle Dave – You’ll Be Missed!

So what did I do to end a rather crappy week…..I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!  I was a bit nervous, since the weather was in the 90’s and it’s getting to that time of year the vacationers start piling in by the masses.  So I got up a lot earlier than normal and headed out the door, so I could be at the besties place by 8:00, so we could make a needed coffee run to Starbucks and then headed for the park.

When we got there & headed towards the line for the monorail, it was a bit insane, but I was told it was a lot worse last week.  I think we only waited like 10 minutes…the line looked worse than it really was.  Once in the park it was smooth sailing!  We went on every ride that we wanted to ride within a few hours and I don’t think we stood in line longer than 15 minutes for any ride…SCORE!  It made a not so great week a whole lot better, plus it’s pretty impossible not to have a great time with the BFF!  I think we left around 2:00 or so & then we decided to go for a late lunch at Olive Garden!  Yum! As for today….didn’t do much of anything.  Ran out to the local art store and wandered around a bit.  Then I went for a quick grocery run to pick up some greek yogurt and veggies.  Somehow a travel coffee thermos ended up in my basket….I think I’m kinda starting to like this coffee stuff!  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not…lol.  Anyways…time for a new week to start already. Blah!  I need to schedule a vacation! Cheers! Jenn


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