Red Red Wine, You Make Me Feel So Fine…

You keep me rocking’ all of the time!  Sing it!  You know you want too!  Alrighty peeps….now you know I LOVE Moscato wine, my favorite being Cupcake Moscato Di Asti & still is, BUT….did you know that there is RED Moscato??  I had no idea!  I’m not a wine snob or one of those people that has to sniff and swirl and swish there wine.  Nope, I just pick a bottle (usually picked by the cutest label) & I poor a glass and take a swig.  If I don’t like it…it goes down the sink.  If I do, I pass along a bottle to my bestie and blog about it in case there are people out there like me just looking for a good wine suggestion to try.  I typically sway towards white wines, while the bestie typically prefers red.  Well, she finally found me a red wine that I actually LOVE!  She happened to spot a RED Moscato on the shelf a couple weeks ago and tried it & she knows I’m a Moscato girl, so she picked me up a bottle and I picked her up a bottle of my favorite and we swapped.

After a crazy week at work…just busy, busy, busy & it’s only Wednesday….Ugh!  I came home tonight and decided to crack open that perfectly chilled bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato.  I was kind of hesitant to take a sip, since I have yet to find a red that I can stand…until tonight!  Holy smokes is that some good wine!  Its nice a sweet like a moscato and oh so smooth, but I was a good girl and just had one glass, as I’m trying to stick to the diet.  Was down about 7lbs. after the first week…Woo-Hoo!  Anyways, if you’re looking for an awesome red wine, definitely go out and get yourself a bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato!  If you are savvy of any other rocking’ wines out there or other colors of moscato I may like…leave me a comment!  Inquiring minds want to know!




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