Eight Days Designs

What’s up everybody???  Getting ready for game day?  I probably won’t watch it myself, as my 49ners didn’t make it…darn it!  I’m sure I’ll get the play by play of the game on Facebook if I really want to know the score.

Speaking of Facebook…I got super lucky the other day.  One of those right time, right place things.  One of the Facebook Fan Pages I “Like” on there called Eight Days Designs (Soon to be Rebranded) posted that she was looking for some people to practice a new style of illustration on for her portfolio.  I volunteered & she did up a cute little illustration of me.

 What do you think?  She tied in my rain cloud from my blog name and she captured me in my typical weekend winter months attire….jeans, an orange Longhorns hoodie and sandals.  I’m not sure how I’ll use the illustration yet, but I love it!  If you’re looking for someone to do an illustration for you or a blog design…Go check out Laura’s site over at Eight Days Designs!


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