What is the Deal with the Hello Friend Commercials?

Hello friend! Are all of these vague “HelloFriend” commercials driving anyone else nuts??  I see different commercials all of the time and they are all so random!  It’s like this mini commercial for nothing and ends with a blue screen with the phrase “hellofriend” in yellow letters.  Bizarre!  I know I was out driving last weekend and even came across a huge billboard stating “hellofriend”!

 I was just watching the news tonight & they stated that the commercials are actually created by the cable company, Brighthouse.  Someone in there marketing department is pretty smart, because I’m sure everyone else out there is just as curious as I am.  I have a feeling we’ll be finding out the reason for these commercials during the Super Bowl!  Sometimes I think people turn in to the Super Bowl just to see the new & crazy commercials that always air during the game every year & could care less about the game.  If the reasoning behind these bizarro commercials isn’t revealed during the Super Bowl, then I don’t know what Brighthouse’s intentions are behind these commercials.  Come On Brighthouse….inquiring minds want to know!


14 thoughts on “What is the Deal with the Hello Friend Commercials?

  1. I think it is brilliant. I love the little girl on the monkey bars. Did the news say it was brighthouse? I was thinking it was actually for FaceBook trying to recover from the God-awful timeline format they moved to.

  2. Yes, the news said it was Brighthouse, but they wouldn't comment on the reasoning behind all the crazy commercials. At first, I wondered if it was tied to Bill Cosby because his son that passed away always said "Hello Friend" because I remember Bill Cosby stating that in an interview and he had buttons made up with that phrase.

  3. I work for brighthouse, yeah its them. We are calling our customers 'friends' now for some odd reason. I guess a way to take peoples eyes off that our prices are so high, and they will be going up higher March 1st.

  4. Do they realize that the Quakers are the Religious Society of Friends and that is a greeting? People say Hello Friend to each other? Maybe Bright House will get sued for making Quakers sound annoying, or having them confused with the dreaded Bright House….or would that be defamation of character?

  5. Are they telling us "Hello Friend" to our face, so that we don't realize that they are bufuing us in the butt? I must say that Brighthouse went above and beyond to help us fix our Internet and cable problems. I do commend them but they just went up on prices a little before the end of year and unfortunately, I will have to go back to DishNetwork and no home phone. I really can't afford the prices they are selling us… I guess we won't be friends. 😦

  6. Hi jenn. Found your blog this morning when my husband said, "what are these dumb ad's?" and I googled. We love Brighthouse! We are snowbirds and they are awesome when its time to go north. We hate our choices up there and it is so much more $$$. Nice to meet you!

  7. The commercial is false advertising plain and simple.They WILL NOT AND DO NOT help other customers when they are in the neighborhood. They will not even talk to another customer without setting up an appointment first.Do not let this company lie to you. Plus we have had problems with our services for 2 months straight now and they still are charging us full price and its still messed up.

  8. Personally I wonder if this was created by a marketing agency or in-house. I'm thinking the latter, as their self-created ads are horrid. Also the teaser campaign ran for too long. It went past the tease-zone and directly into the annoying-zone. Poor strategy. Poor planning. Poor execution.

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