A Sunday Stroll with the Manatees

Long time, no see!  I’ve really got to start scheduling posts or something or else I just never seem to get around to posting more than once a week these days.  Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say “Hey”!  I had a pretty lazy day on Saturday & didn’t do much of anything other then some housecleaning and watching some t.v. shows on hulu.  Then on Sunday, my friend, Stephanie and I went to Blue Springs State Park so we could see the manatees, which are my favorite animal ever….I just think they are adorable!  If we would have gotten there around 8am (too early for a weekend) we could have seen about 80 of them in the springs, but by the time we rolled into the park around 11am, there were probably only about 20 or so, which was plenty for me.  We also seen a gator, a turtle & tons of fish & birds.  It was an awesome opportunity for Stephanie to try out her new fancy schmancy camera she got for Christmas….now I want one!  I’m not going to do an in depth post about the park right now, as I’ll be posting about it when I post for a local tourism website in April on things to do in the area.  If you want to find out a little more about the park now, head on over to Simply Stephanie to check out her post.  I will leave you with some awesome pics by noted nature photographer, Stephanie K. 🙂

Manatee’s Galore….HEAVEN!
Coming Up for Air
A Curious Squirrel
Mama & Baby
Me & a mosaic manatee
The Partner in Crime & I

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