Adorable Puppies!

 Not much to write tonight because I must get back to reading “The Hunger Games”.  I had a hard time putting it down last night, but if I wouldn’t have put it down I would have been up till the wee hours of the night trying to finish and then you wouldn’t have had a very happy camper at work this morning.  This is such an awesome book…I can’t wait till I finish and get on to the next book in the series!  I love it when I find great books like this to read…I know…I’m a nerd!  Anyways, I promised I’d post some puppy pics as soon as my sister sent me some.  I can’t wait to see pictures of them as they get older, as it’s hard to tell how they are going to look right now since they are so tiny.  The mama is full bred long haired miniature dachshund and papa is half chihuahua, half pug…I’ll post pics of them again below!  Enjoy!  Now off to read!

Here are the parents….Emmy & Scooter

 Emmy Being A Good Mama to her 6 Pups

Here is Scooter (the dad) when he was a puppy…as well as their first encounter & photo togeter…Emmy wasn’t amused!


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