Influenster Holiday VoxBox Review

 Back in November I was on Twitter and noticed I had a couple of more followers, so I always like to take a look and see how many of them are robots.  Then I clicked on the website associated with a follower called “Influenster”.  I browsed the site real quick and it is free to sign up, so I did.  You basically just fill out different survey’s and you earn badges.  Then the site evaluates the survey’s and decides if you sound like an eligible candidate for one of the themed “VoxBoxes”.  For instance, they have a green badge with all green and organic products & if they think you sound like a good fit, then they’ll send you a box of products to review, blog, twitter and facebook about to get the word out about the products.  Lucky for me, shortly after I signed up I was selected for a special “Holiday VoxBox”!  It’s pretty exciting to get a box of products you haven’t tried before for completely free in the mail.  If you’re interested in becoming an Influenster, go to the website and sign up at!  Well, I took the Christmas & New Year’s holiday to take my time to review the products & let you know my thoughts and opinions on the products.  Now, on with my review!

Look at all the goodies that I got in my Holiday VoxBox from!

The first thing I tried right after snapping this picture was the Larabar, as I had just gotten home from work and was really hungry.  I had seen the Larabar advertised by Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser during one of the seasons and I had been curious to give them a try.  The flavor that came in my VoxBox was the Apple Pie flavor, which was absolutely delicious!  I love apple everything, so it was an easy sell for me!  The great thing about Larabar is that no matter the flavor, they are made from whole foods and don’t containe more than 9 ingredients!  I will definitely be picking up more of these in the future!  They come in super handy to throw in your purse if you’re going on a plane!  I know I’ve seen these available at Target stores, but I’m sure they are available at many retailers and grocery stores.  If you have a hard time finding them you can go right online to the and purchase them online!

The next thing I tried was the Mentos Pure Fresh Gum.  If you like a peppermint flavored gum, you’re really going to love the Mentos Pure Fresh Gum!  It has a strong peppermint flavor that will definitely clear your sinuses…lol!  I had a few people at work try it…one spit it out, as they hate peppermint.  Another thought it was pretty good.  The only downside about this product is the packaging!  Worst packaging ever….I broke a nail and an ink pen trying to get the darn pack of gum open!  It had a little plastic pull tab that you’re suppose to pull up on and peel the plastic from around the top, to allow the flip top to open.  I’ve never had to fight so hard to get a pack of gum open.  If they changed the packaging, I’d buy it again, but until they do, it won’t be on my shopping list.

The next product I grabbed and tested out & was the NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine in the color Nude York City.  You can’t go wrong with a good nude color in your makeup bag!  I’m a lip gloss girl, as lipstick never lasts and always seems to get all gross.  This liquid lip shine was awesome!  For starters….it smells amazing when you open it up and pull out the wand.  It goes on with ease and it lasts for a really long time…until you eat & then of course you have to re-apply!  I loved that this never had that sticky feeling to it and the color was just gorgeous and very simple.  Another awesome fact…this stuff only sells for about $2.50 anywhere that sells make-up.  I’d definitely recommend purchasing this product, as it won’t disappoint and you can’t beat the price!

While I was at my parents house over Christmas break, I decide to try out the imPress Press-On Manicure Nails.  Unfortunately, I got a print design vs. a solid color called “Lil Drumr Girl”.  It was a hot pink with black zebra stripes…not my style.  The packaging is super cute, as the nails come in a unique plastic case that looks like a nail polish bottle.  The packaging states that they will last 7 days if applied right, so I followed the directions and got the nail all applied and put them to the test.  One thing I do like about these nails is that they aren’t long.  Some of my nails were actually longer than the press-on nails, so I had to do a little trimming.  Once on, they felt very secure and looked as realistic as an animal print nail can look.  I did a few dishes…rough housed with the dogs, slept in them , washed my hair & they were still good to go.  One day two I really put them to the test by helping my dad clean up the very dirty and cluttered basement and by the time we were all done, I was missing a nail.  So of course I took them all off at that point.  If you’re not a get down and dirty type of person or are just looking for something for an evening out…these would probably be a good choice for you!  They have many prints, as well as solid colors available.  If you on on the website you can print off a $1.00 coupon if you’d like to give them a whirl!  Definitely cheaper than getting your nails done!

Another product that came in the VoxBox to try out was Coconut Scrub bar soap by SoftSoft.  I’m sure this is a brand that you have all heard of and used in your homes over the years.  I know it was always very prominent in our household growing up in the form of a pump liquid handsoap.  The soap has a nice, light, coconut scent.  It also has crushed coconut throughout the bar as an exfoliant.  I tried out the soap and the first thing I noticed was once the bar was wet and lathered, there wasn’t much scent to the bar at all.  It didn’t leaving your skin dry or with any soapy residue, like some bar soaps, so that was a plus.  My sister tried it out and she really liked the exfoliating aspect of the bar.  It is another inexpensive product that can fit any budget.  This won’t replace the current bar soap I use, as I’m an Oil of Olay girl and you can’t get a better moisturizing soap than that, but if I ever had to choose something to use besides Oil of Olay, I could see myself buying this again.

Last, but not least was the Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Face Masque.  I absolutely love face masks!  They always make your skin feel so nice and refreshed.  I had never tried this brand before, but I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  I got the cucumber “flavored” mask…I’m not sure how else to put it, but I can guarantee you I didn’t taste it…lol!  It was a cool green liquid gel that spread out very easily on the face.  It was a single use sample and there was more than enough to cover my whole face.  I sat and surfed the internet for about 20 minutes, as I waited for it to dry, so I could peel it off, which is always the best part!  After I got the mask all taken off, my skin felt so silky smooth!  I will definitely put this in my line up of products to use in the future!  I love the cucumber one, as it give you a very fresh feeling, but I’d be willing to check out any of there masks, as they come in a variety of different kinds!  You can click on this link to see all the different types.

Well that wraps up my evaluation of my Influenster Holiday Vox Box, so I hope you’ll go out and try some of these great products & spread the word if you like them!  If you like to do product reviews, make sure to visit and sign up, so you can get a Vox Box sent to you!


2 thoughts on “Influenster Holiday VoxBox Review

  1. Hey lady 🙂 First want to thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog! Sorry I don't reply more often.Also, I LOVE Larabars. I love that they are made from actual food and are always gluten-free!

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