Howdy – from the Midwest!

Howdy, from the Midwest!  As much as I was dreading the cold weather, since I’ve become so acclimated to Florida weather, it’s been surprisingly warm for this time of year.  It’s been in the mid 40’s the whole time, which isn’t bad!  So glad that we haven’t had any snow and there is none in the forecast….yay!!  I don’t mind a dusting on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but it doesn’t seem to be in the forecast this year.  Oh well…doesn’t bother me!  It was even nice and sunshiny yesterday, which was nice to see, instead of the gloomy grey skies of winter.

Christmas is just around the corner….do you have all your shopping done yet?  The last of my packages came in the mail yesterday.  I managed to do all my shopping this year via  I hate shopping, so if I can find what I want online and have it delivered within 2 days with free shipping…I’m all over it!  The stuff I didn’t get myself, my fiance`, Dan picked it up and is bringing it with him.  Speaking of Dan….YAY…he’s driving in from Ohio tomorrow for the holiday!  I can’t wait to see my other half!  Hopefully, he’ll finally be moving down to Florida this summer….keep your fingers crossed!  This living apart stuff is for the birds!  It’s kind of weird this year, that we don’t have any presents under the tree yet.  We’re afraid Mr. Scooter will shred them if we dare place them under the tree.  It should make for an interesting Christmas Eve, when the presents finally get put under the tree.  And if Scooter did get into the gifts…it’s impossible to be mad at the little guy!  Look at this mug….could you be mad at this cutie??

Haha…didn’t think so!  He’s sitting on the back of my chair now, as I type, like a little gargoyle.  I’m usually more partial to Emmy the mini doxie, but since she’s preggers and due within the next couple of weeks & she’s kind of snippy right now.  She sleeps most of the time and when she’s not sleeping, she’s tormenting Scooter by playing with his stuffed bunny, which makes him very upset!  As much as I love dogs, I’m not looking forward to Ike the lab puppy that is coming over with my brother on X-mas Eve and spending the night.  He’s huge & hyper….not a good combo when the house is already full of people!  Eye-yi-yi!  He may look sweet and innocent, but looks can be deceiving! He reminds me of the clumsy reindeer on that movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen….I can picture him talking in that goofy kiddy voice too…lol!

Well, not really much going on.  Just enjoying spending time with the family.  It’s probably pretty obvious that I haven’t been up to much, since my last two posts have mostly been about the pups.  They kind of rule the roost here, so they can’t be ignored.  Plus, they’re just so darn cute.  I wish I could have a puppy, but I don’t think it’s fair that I would be at work all day and they’d have to stay home alone for so long by themselves, so I think of dogs, more like grandkids.  Love them to death, but so glad they go home with someone else at the end of the day.


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