So Good To Be Home!

Awww….it’s so good to be home for the holidays!  Sure, there may not be much to do in my tiny little town of 500, if that many people still live here, but it’s home!  I got up this morning, after sleeping like a rock from being so worn out from getting up so early to fly here yesterday & my dad fixed himself and I some good ‘ol french toast.  Then as we were sitting down to eat, I just happened to look out the french doors and started counting all the deer running through our yard…I counted 10 & I think I see a couple more a little later in the day.  I think it’s bow hunting season right now, so they must have been on the move.  Silly deer…if they’d just stay in our 3 or 4 acre pasture, they’d be safe.

Pretty Tree!

 This house seems small when you’ve got the whole family here now, plus one & one more on the way next weekend, plus THREE dogs!  My brother has a new puppy, Ike….& he’s a big one at that!  He’s about 4 months old & hyper as all get out and he can’t keep his footing on the hard wood floors at my parents very well, so he’s like Bambi on ice….kind of amusing! Ike is a silver lab with baby blue eyes…he’s a cutie, but so curious and likes to rough house with my parents dogs.  They have the cutest little miniature dachshund, Emmy.  And then they have acquired another dog, since I was home in February…he’s half pug, half chihuahua.  He’s a like a little mob boss with quite the mug and barks his head off if he doesn’t know you, so I got barked at for about 2 hours yesterday, and then for about 30 minutes when I came downstairs this morning. Sometimes I call him Elvis because his lip gets stuck on his tooth and he just has that Elvis look…lol!  I also found out Scooter’s been busy and got poor little Emmy knocked up…they think she’s due around January 10th or so.  I can’t imagine what these poor little pups are going to look like…haha.  Poor Emmy…she just waddles around the house and wants someone to hold her & she evidently is craving dog bones.  She dumped over the bag and thru herself on about 5 of them when my sister was trying to pick them up and then gobbled them up when she knew she was in the clear. Well, I’m sure you’re sick of reading about the pups, so I’ll talk to y’all later in the week!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…at least what’s left of it!

{Emmy, Emmy & Scooter, Scooter}

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