The Most Awesome Christmas Present!

Oh how I love Christmas!  I got my 3rd card of the season and my first Christmas present!  I just had to share a few pics because I love it so much!  I’ve always been a big Disney fan & one of my favorite movies is “Alice in Wonderland” & my favorite Disney character has always been the Cheshire Cat.  I’m not even a big fan of cats, but I just love him!  Anyways, the most awesome person ever brought me my Christmas present today and it was the most adorable tea press I had seen on a recent trip to Downtown Disney.  It has the characters from “Alice in Wonderland” silhouette’s cut out of the metal that surrounds the glass pitcher.  Then inside it has some delicious smelling Mad Tea Party Blend loose leaf tea.  Then to top it off, she got me another tin of loose leaf tea in an adorable tin with none other than the Cheshire Cat on the top!  And the smell of the Topsy Turvy Blend tea in that tin smells amazing!  Very orange-y!  I can’t wait to try some!  I’ve had the Mad Tea Party blend and it rocks!
I really have to hand it to the Disney crew that designs packaging for their products.  The creativity and comical humor that went into this packaging would make anyone smile!  I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when I read the instructions on the side of the tin on how to make tea!  It’s couldn’t get much better than that, unless I was actually at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  Which one of these days before I’m dead, I will have a Mad Hatter Tea Party with a Topsy Turvy Cake and all!  How cool would that be! Hella cool is right! Well, I’ll leave you with a few more pics….hope they make you laugh as much as I did!  Enjoy & may you have a very merry unbirthday!

If you want one of these for your very own you can get one here.

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