Inspiration Workshop – Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!  Well, it’s Thursday again, so that means I’m linking up with the Inspiration Workshop over at Gussy Sews!  The prompt that was sent out for this week was: Thanksgiving, which is fitting, since it’s only a week away!  I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year, as I’ll be hopping on a plane next, Wednesday headed to Columbus, Ohio to spend the super long weekend with my sweet fiance` and the future in-laws.  I can’t wait!  Last year, I had just moved to Orlando in October & I didn’t have the vacation time or the moola to fly home for the holidays, so I spent them by myself last year.  It sucked tremendously & I hope to not have to do that ever again!  I tried to find a picture of the fiance`, his parents and myself and sadly, I only have one photo of all of us from like five years ago.  It appears that we’re all a bit camera shy or just really bad about taking photos. 🙂
The Future In-laws (Joe & Cyn), My fiance`(Dan) & Me

I’m not sure of any definite plans for the holiday, other than my fiance` wanting to hit up the Black Friday sales.  I’m sure we’ll watch some movies, new and old.  What are your favorite Thanksgiving Day movies?  My two favorites are “Dutch” & “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”.  Can’t go wrong with those two babies for a good laugh!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Muppets….The Swedish Chef on cooking a Turkey! Too Funny!


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