The Festival of the Masters At Downtown Disney

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It was an absolutely beautiful day here in  sunshiny Orlando, FL!  I think it only got in the mid seventies, which was perfect weather for walking around the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  This weekend was The Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney, so me and my bestie decided to make an afternoon of it!  As described on the Disney website, the 36th Festival of the Masters presented by Michaels® is a vibrant, open-air art festival in the Downtown Disney area. 
Featuring more than 150 award-winning artists, this world-renowned show is a highly anticipated annual event for Guests, artists, collectors and art lovers.

Showcasing one-of-a-kind and limited-edition painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry and more, this prestigious show is ranked among the country’s finest outdoor art festivals. And there’s a lot more to enjoy, like amazing chalk art, live music, specialty foods and family-friendly activities.
When we first walked in, it was all Disney art, which was absolutely freaking amazing!  I was in absolute heaven and I was so glad payday wasn’t until Tuesday, or this chica would have been broke as hell by the time she left!  I’ve been a huge fan of all things Disney since I was very young and I really love Disney inspired art work.  It’s just phenomenal!  I didn’t think to bring my camera with me, but I was able to snap a few good shots on my handy dandy iPhone.

This painting of the seven dwarfs was one of the first paintings I came across and instantly fell in love with all of the vibrant colors and brilliant amount of texture.  It’s pretty impossible to see the texture in the photo, but it was really well done the way they did it and it gave the painting a very rustic look.  I loved it, but I didn’t love the price tag attached to this baby!

Next up were some of these little beauties.  I love any kind of a painting with Walt Disney & Mickey  Mouse!  Walt has always been someone I look up to and is such an awesome icon.  Without Walt…there wouldn’t have been a mouse.  And with no mouse…I just don’t know if I can even fathom the thought!
We walked through all of the art work on display, but kind of lost interest once the art work was no longer Disney themed.  They started you off with Disney & from that point my expectations were set & when you’re in a Disney mood…no other artwork compares!  Granted there were a few neat paintings that caught our eye.  There was a booth where a lady would take a whole bunch of photos of your dog and she would form them into this awesome collage, so the big picture looked like a photo of your pet, but when you looked up close, it was composed of all sorts of little pictures of the pet…very cool!
I wish I would have gotten the chance to see a whole lot more sidewalk chalk art.  I was expecting to see a few artists doing that crazy 3-D sidewalk chalk drawings that I’m sure you’ve seen.  I didn’t come across any of those, but we did come across this work in progress of The Muppets.  Isn’t it cool!  The artist was working on it when we walked up, but her phone rang, so I snapped this shot while she was out of the picture.  Pretty cool, huh?  I can’t wait for the new Muppet movie to come out in theaters!  I grew up on The Muppets & I still love them to this day!  I love Beeker, Swedish Chef, Fozzie, Rolf, oh shoot…I love them all!  Who is your favorite Muppet??  Inquiring minds want to know!

After walking around for a couple of hours, our tummies were talking to us and telling us to go get some food, pronto!  So, we ran through our options and decided to head to The Rainforest Cafe.  There wasn’t much of a wait & they have an awesome outside dining area right along the water.  Don’t you just love outdoor dining areas when the weather is gorgeous, like it was today?  It’s my favorite!  Well, the first thing on my list to order was a beverage, as I was quite parched.  I scanned through the list and seen that they have a mango mojito.  Well, after last weekend and experiencing my very first FROZEN mojito, I asked the waiter if it was possible to get the drink frozen, so he ran it by the bartender and they gave it a whirl & it was DELICIOUS!!  Then it came time to order food & I decided on the Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia & Coconut Shrimp. OMG…the tilapia was out of this world!!  I highly recommend this dish if you are heading to The Rainforest Cafe anytime soon!  I would give it my highest rating possible…yes, it was that good!
All in all, it was a pretty damn good time!  After we ate, we did a little browsing in all of the different shops and started making our lists of things we wanted and would either be back for or they would be promptly going on our Christmas lists! Anyways, hope your Sunday was as good as mine!  What did you do this weekend?  Later gators!

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