Hey y’all!  Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately…I really need to get back in the habit of doing regular posts.  Anyways, just thought I’d check in & say “Hi”!  I haven’t been up to much lately…just counting down the days until the holidays!  I’ve already got a ticket booked to Columbus, OH for Thanksgiving with my fiance` and his parents.  I can’t wait to see them all!  Then I was able to take off about a week in a half to go home for Christmas…now I just need to get a ticket booked!  Either the fares are too high or I don’t have the moola when a good deal comes along…never fails.  Anyways, hopefully I’ll be able to get one booked within the next month.

While I’m posting, I thought I share with you a couple of my favorite finds of the week!  I was out at Hobby Lobby browsing for a Parisian style poster for my office because the walls were a little bare and needed a little decor.  Anyways, I found a nice huge poster that I loved, so I toted it around the store while browsing at other crafty stuff.  Then I stumbled upon a display of ScentSational Ceramic Fragrance Wax Warmers & they were on sale for 50%, so they were only a whopping $10 each….SCORE!  I had been wanting one for awhile now for my home & at that price I had to pick one up for my office as well!  I got a blackish-grey one for home and then a red one for the office.

If you don’t have one of these yet, I’d highly recommend going out and buying one straight away!  I’ve had one going in my office all week and people are loving it!  I had one teacher come in and just sit for awhile because he loved the scent of spice cake that I had going in the warmer…lol.  I picked up about 4 packs of the ScentSational Fragrance Wax Cubes.  At $3.99 a pack, it was kind of expensive for my taste, but cheaper than that Scentsy brand I used to always hear about.  I bought 2 packs of the Spice Cake scent, 1 called Coconut Sun & 1 called Cinnamon & Brown Sugar…all smell totally delicous!  Then after I left the store broker than I’d have liked to have been, I ran to Wal-mart real quick to pick up a few things and they had Better Homes & Garden brand Wax Cubes and they are only $2 a pack….SUH-WEET!  So, I picked up a Baked Apple Strudel & Wild Berry Cheesecake….YUMMO!!  Anyways, I’d would rate these above and beyond and candle….they are just so fragrant and the smell fills the whole room!  Plus, they a lot safer than having a open flame….it’s just a light bulb that heats up the wax.  Well, I’ll stop rambling for now!  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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