Inspiration Workshop – The Beach

Welcome to week 9 of the Inspiration Workshop!  Linking up with Maggie over at Gussy Sews once again!  This week the prompt was: The Beach!  My favorite…I could ramble on the topic of beaches all day long.  I even got sucked into watching a series on Netflix a couple weeks ago featuring a favorite beach in each episode…boy I was wishing I was in those places!  Luckily, since I moved to Orlando a few months back, I’m about an hours drive to the beach on the Atlantic side….Cocoa Beach!  And about an hour and a half to the Gulf side…which I’ve heard is a lot nicer because the water isn’t as rough and the sand is softer.  Haven’t been to the Gulf beaches since moving here, but I’ll venture out one of these days.
My absolute favorite beach ever is Coki Beach in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It’s the most gorgeous, relaxing place in the world…I could set up a tent on the beach and live there and be one happy camper.  I just love it.  Here are some of the pictures I have from our last trip.  The first one is my favorite…it’s my fiance’ playing around in the sand laying in the waves….LOVE IT!  So cute!

That last picture wasn’t at Coki Beach…it was on the shoreline of the island of Tortuga.  So if you’re looking for an awesome vacation spot with TONS of beaches….go to the Virgin Islands for sure.  You can take a ferry between the islands too if you choose to island hop.  But Coki Beach is by far my favorite.  What’s your favorite beach??  I’m always looking for good suggestions, so I know where to plan my next trip!  

6 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop – The Beach

  1. The Virgin Islands are amazing! Definitely go if you get a chance! St. Thomas is my favorite…I've heard many say that St. John has the best beaches & St. Croix has the best diving. Make sure to take a passport and you can take a ferry over to the British Virgin Islands too, which are just as gorgeous!

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