The Time Is Dragging!

Hello bloggy peeps!  Can you believe it’s only Tuesday…Ugg!  Is anyone else’s week going painstakingly slow?  The week seems to be dragging, but I think it’s going to seem that way until August 5th, when my fiance’ is flying in for a visit.  Can’t wait!!  Haven’t seen him since I moved down here for work last October!  Such a long time not to see each other, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to find a job down here in Florida by years end.  So in the meantime, I just have to kill off time by cleaning the house & trying to make some plans of things to do when he’s here.  I know he wants to go to Kennedy Space Center, so that should be fun…I hope!  Then of course, he wants to go out on an airboat, but that’s super fun, so I won’t mind going & doing that again.  Then the beach is a must & then we’ll probably hit up a park on another day…still trying to decide which one to go to.  Universal or Disney….tough choice!  I like them both!  I think we’re both leaning towards universal….I love the E.T. ride!  Give me some feedback!  What park would you go to if you just had a day & why?


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