Inspiration Workshop – Inspiration

Linking up again with Maggie over at GussySews for week #8 of her Inspiration Workshop.  The prompt for this week was “Inspiration”.  Basically, this week everyone who is linking up is to blog about what inspires them, so this should be a fun one to read on everyones blogs!

I draw inspiration from many different sources daily.  I’m inspired by all of you bloggers out there who write for the sheer fun of it & let everyone get a glipse of your life through that little bloggie window you create.  I’ve seen wonderful craft projects, paintings, recipes, ect…the list goes on and on.  All of that inspires me!  It makes me want to find more time to write, take more pictures, learn to cook, pick up my paint brushes that have laid dormant since high school.  I love all you guys!  And bravo to all of you out there that have succeeded in making things handmade & opening successful shops…I hope to be able to do that myself one day!

My number one inspiration is probably the ocean.  My taste is art work, choices in colors when decorating, favorite vacation destinations, favorite movies…are all revolved around the ocean.  I love the colors of the ocean, blues, greens, browns & then if you go to the Caribbean or even Southern Florida….the colors of all the houses are magnificent with all there bright colors.  I love painting palm trees.  My favorite vacation destination is the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Every view is an ocean view on an island…love it!  I was so meant to be an island girl….I’m getting closer since I moved to Florida in October.  At least I get to see palm trees daily!

(Painting & Photo by Me!)

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