New Favorite Wine!

Oh man….it’s only Wednesday!  It’s been crazy busy at work!  Audits going on a work tend to make everyone a little crazy…me included.  I finally reached my breaking point and cracked open a new bottle of wine I had picked up this weekend.  It’s Cupcake Moscato D’Asti…no it’s not cupcake flavored silly, it’s the brand, but I wouldn’t be opposed to anything flavored like a cupcake!  Anyways, this is by far the best wine I’ve tried out of all the others I have tasted.  So good in fact, I somehow managed to polish off the whole bottle within an hour of walking in the door from work!  It was so yummy, I just couldn’t help myself!  It’s definitely going at the top of my grocery list!  Hope everyone else’s week is going good!  This week may be hectic, but next week will probably be even crazier….maybe I better buy two bottles this weekend! Cheers!

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