Heck with Vampires, Bring on the Werewolf!

How was everyone’s weekend?  Pretty uneventful here. For starters I ran to grocery to pick up some paper towels and sweet pickles.  I must have subconsciously thought it was going to be a stressful week at work because I also made it out of the store with a slice of cake and two bottles of wine.  I ended up getting a bottle of red, which was Cavit Pinot Noir, which is the only red wine I’ve liked out of all that I have tasted so far, plus it was on sale.  Then I bought a bottle of white wine that I have had on my list to try for some time now, Cupcake Moscato D’Asti.  Can’t wait to try that one, as I’ve heard it a good one. Then I just got some cleaning done, made calls to friends and family & finally got to watch True Blood season 3!  Best show ever!  I’ve always loved vampire anything, but after watching season 3….forget the vampires Bill & Eric….I want to see more of the werewolf, Alcide!  Holy hotness!!  Now that is one gorgeous man!  I think I’ve found my new crush! Now tell me you don’t think he’s hot!  Now I wish I had HBO, so I could watch season 4.  Oh well, as bad as I want to watch it, I prefer to watch the full season all at once, instead of having to wait to see a new episode every week.  Can’t wait until it’s out on dvd.  Anyways, just thought I’d stop in and post this gorgeous pic so you could all drool over it as well!


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