Inspiration Workshop – Kitchens

Greetings bloggers!  Hard to believe a week has past already since the last “Inspiration Workshop”!  I loved seeing all the blog posts for all that participated!  This week I’m linking up to Maggie at Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop once again.  The prompt that was sent out to post about this week was: Kitchens

Blue and green kitchen
If you click on the picture, it’s linked to the website I found this picture by Richard Leo Johnson.  This looks like a dream kitchen to me!  I love, love, love the turquoise and white together.  And I absolutely love that the tile is tumbled sea glass!  What a wonderful idea!  I totally adore the retro style fridge and stove.  I’m a big Rachael Ray fan and always loved her kitchen on “30 Minute Meals”, especially the retro styled appliances.  I also loved her pull out pantry, so I’d have to add one of those to this kitchen!  I’m also in love with all the counter space!  I love having a kitchen bar that you can sit at, but notice there’s also a lot of counter space on the side you don’t sit at, perfect for preparing yummy treats!  I think kitchens are where most families spend the most time, so why not make it a magnificent space that you just adore!  Swoon! It’s so dreamy!

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop – Kitchens

  1. Oh my this is beautiful. There are so many elements that I Love. That tile on the walls is gorgeous and so are the turq appliances. What a dream! The wooden floor is a nice off-set to the white and aqua in the room. Everything is tied together perfectly. I like the small splashes of yellow here and there too. BEAUTIFUL! 😉

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