A Birthday Surprise & The Movies

Another weeks gone by already….man this year is flying by!  It was another pretty uneventful week for me.  Last Saturday I popped a birthday surprise in the mail for one of my besties since before kindergarden.  I made her a custom painting with a quote she says all the time on her blog, My Eclectic Bookshelf…you should go check it out!  It’s my favorite painting I’ve done recently by far!  What do you think?

It’s been pretty stink’in warm here in Orlando…it’s been in the 90’s.  So, this morning, to beat the heat, I went to movies for the first time since Thanksgiving.  I went to watch the new Pirates movie in 3D.  They’ll never make one as good as the first movie, but you can’t go wrong with Johnny Depp.  Make sure if you go and watch it you sit thru the credits for a snip-it more of movie as they usually do.  Luckily I got my ticket for free, but it cost me over $5.00 for a large bottle of water!  When you pay that much for water you’d think they’d give a large cup of ice if you ask for it, but noooo….they will only give you a little tiny cup of ice…not even a size small cup.  The concession stand dude said if I wanted a bigger cup I’d have to pay for that size drink…WTF??  Are you freakin’ kiddin me?  I’ll smuggle my own cup of ice and bottle of water in next time.  
There were some pretty good movie previews before the movie started.  “Zookeeper” with Kevin James is one I’ll want to be seeing…it looks super funny, but I’m a big fan of Kevin James…he cracks me up!  They have a Smurfs movie coming out, but I didn’t think it looked that great.  I prefer the cartoon!  They do have “The Muppets” movie coming out, which rocks, as I LOVE THE MUPPETS!!!  My favorite ever movie, being “Muppets Take Manhattan”.  I think I can sing you all the songs in the movie, but I’ll spare you, as I can’t sing worth a darn!  “Cowboys & Aliens” is the only other preview I remember & it looked pretty darn good too.  I think the previews are my favorite part of going to the movies!  I feel cheated if I’m late and miss them…almost to the point I don’t want to stay for the movie I initially came to see.  Call me crazy!  Anyways, that’s all for now folks!  Yak at ya later!!

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