Paintings, Frappuccinos & Cake Pops….Oh My!

Hey everybody!  Well….what do you think of my painting for the week?  Doesn’t it rock?!  I just love how this painting turned out.  I had painted the background mid-week out of boredom & I have been wanting to paint something with a combo of my favorite cool colors.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to paint on this gorgeous background, as I would have been satisfied just hanging the canvas on the wall prior to painting the palm trees.  Anyways, I racked my brain all week…..ocean scene, scene looking at earth from space, etc…  Then this morning I woke up and headed out the door to do my weekly grocery run & cool shadow of a palm tree caught my eye and I knew that’s what was meant to go on my beautifully colored canvas.  I think it turned out to be a pretty darn good choice!  Don’t you?  Next time, I think I’ll try this design out on a bigger canvas since I love it so much.  I think I might have to do one with sunset colors too…pinks, oranges & yellows. 🙂

It’s been a pretty uneventful week for me!  Finally found a chiropractor that could get me in this week before work which was exciting!  Dr. Moroff has magic fingers & after my very first adjustment I was feeling 95% better, after being in pain for a month.  It was such a relief.  Definitely the best chiropractor I’ve ever found!  If anyone lives in the Orlando, FL area and is looking for an awesome chiropractor, check out Exum Chiropractic.

I was craving some Starbucks goodness earlier this week, so I stopped in on my way to work.  To my surprise, they had a new frappuccino flavor…..Mocha Coconut!  It is sooooo good!  I’d highly recommend trying it, especially if you love coconut & chocolate.  They if sprinkle it with toasted coconut &  drizzle it with chocolate syrup.    Something else on the Starbucks menu I’ve heard a lot about and have been wanting to try are cake pops.  I didn’t try those until today after coming across a cake pops recipe book in Target.  I picked it up and thumbed through it for a bit & was surprised at how freaking easy these are to make!

 You basically back a cake…let it cool & then you break it up in a bowl.  Then you stir in 3/4 of a container of frosting into the cake crumbs, so it’s nice and moist.  Then you roll 1 or 1.5 inch balls and place them on a cookie sheet and pop them in the fridge to firm up before you dip them in chocolate!  I’m definitely going to have to try and make them myself.  These would definitely be fun to make for a bake sale and would probably be a pretty popular seller, as they are pretty tasty!  And they are pretty too!  Starbucks has a Rocky Road Flavor that is chocolate cake on the inside covered in chocolate, marshmallows and nuts.  It’s pretty tasty.  The pink one is the Birthday Cake flavor.  It’s yellow cake on the inside.  It’s pretty tasty too!  My absolute favorite is the Tiramisu flavor!  It’s a combo of vanilla cake with a coffee flavor on the inside with a mocha coating and a chocolate shaped coffee bean on top!  It’s sooo good!  I’ll have to stay away though, as they are about 170 calories for just one of these delightful little things…Yikes!  Not good when it’s swimsuit season year round here in Florida…lol!

Well, that’s about all I got for you this week.  I’ll spare you by not talking about the great coupons and deals Target has on there website this week…who knew they even has coupons for clothes!?  I got $5 off a swimsuit that was already on sale for $12.50….SCORE!!  Okay…I’ll stop now or I’ll keep going.  Talk to you all later!  I’ll have a new painting to reveal to you in the next couple of days….SQUEEEL! 🙂


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