Oh, My Aching Back!

Holy cow…I didn’t realize it has been a week since I posted already!  Work has been exhausting lately, especially since my bad back has been acting up for the past month, so after sitting at work all day I just come home in pain and sit with ice on my back until I’m numb.  Back pain is no fun, unfortunately since I’m a klutz I’ve had to deal with it most of my life.  Growing up in the midwest, I always managed to fall on a icy patch at least once ever winter, no matter how careful I was to avoid them!  I remember one winter when I was in college and I waited to walk up to the school until the snow plow went through.  Well, no sooner than I start walking up to the doors, one leg goes flying in the air, followed by the other…arms and book bag fly through the air and I land flat on my back and just laid there in the snow for a while and the snow plow drives up to see if I’m okay and I just laid there and gave him a thumbs up and then got up and went to class covered in snow.  I looked like Goofy in one of those old Disney short cartoons & probably made the whole “Yaaaahoooohooooeeeee” sound in the process.  Then I was rear ended over New Years one year on our way from Chicago to Ohio to visit family.  Some crazy lady was flying down the interstate and supposedly fell asleep and when she hit the traffic jam….guess whose car stopped her!  Yep….back hasn’t been the same ever since.
Anyways, by Friday evening I was in desperate need of relief and over the counter pain relievers and ice just weren’t cutting it anymore.  So, as I was cringing as I got out of my car I seen a Bed, Bath & Beyond ad sticking out of my mailbox…they always make my day for some reason?! As I’m sitting on the couch with an ice pack, flipping through the pages, I come to the last page and there it was…a product that peaked my interest on a late night infomercial….the Back2Life.  There it was with the big fat price tag that made me cringe, but I had a 20% off coupon & have been unsuccessful at finding any chiropractors in the area that are open when my schedule would allow me to go, so after much research I broke down and went out and bought it Friday night.  I was a bit skeptical, so I made sure to ask about the return policy and they said it you don’t like it…bring it back…no time limit!  So that worked for me, plus I got a $20 mail in rebate to boot!  Well, I came home straight away and put it together and tried it out straight away & have used it a few times each day over the weekend and I can actually move without being in pain!!  The real test will be to see how I feel tomorrow after I come home from work.  Hopefully, it continues to do its magic and keeps on working for me.  So, I’m going to keep this up along with a yoga dvd I found on Netflix & hopefully that’ll help limber me up a bit so I can add a little more activity into my routine.  I threw my back out in the first place trying to add some exercise into my week, but that X-box Kinect game had way to much jumping and totally jarred the heck out of my back, so I won’t be playing that game anytime soon.  Anyways…that about sums up my week….PAINFUL!  But if you have lower back pain & don’t want to spend all that time and money at the chiropractors office…this little gadget practically works like one of the contraptions they usually have you lay on & helps get those vertebrae in the lower back moving.  It’s worked wonders for me this weekend & will totally be worth the money if it continues to do the trick!  So don’t knock it, until you try it! 🙂


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