"Burlesque" Movie Review

OMG!  Are you in for a real treat if you go out and rent the movie, “Burlesque”.  I had seen the previews for this movie a while back and thought that it looked pretty good, so I added it to my Netflix queue & forgot about it.  Then when I checked my mailbox on Saturday, to my surprise, “Burlesque” was my movie for the weekend!

The only reason I was a bit hesitant to watch it was because it’s Christina Aguilera’s first movie & as much as I love her as a performer, sometimes singers totally sink when they try their hand on the big screen.  I made that mistake once before by watching Britney Spears first movie, “Crossroads”.  Two big thumbs down on that stinker!  But don’t worry, Christina did not disappoint & pulled off her first roll rather well.  But I’m sure she had some good acting tips from the all-star cast: Cher, Stanley Tucci (LOVE HIM), Eric Dane, Cam Gigandet, Alan Cumming, Peter Gallagher & Kristen Bell.

If you’re not sure what this movie is all about, it’s basically one of those stories we’ve seen many times over in movies—small town girl leaves to go to the big city to make herself a star.  The big city in this case was L.A.  When she arrives, you see her do the typical, hide your life savings in cash in your toilet tank….Ewww!  Then she goes out on the town & spots a Burlesque dancer outside on a break, which catches her attention, so she walks into the Burlesque club to see what it’s all about & is floored and determined from that moment on that she will be on that stage.

Ultimately, she is shot down by the owner, Tess (Cher) when she asks for a job, so instead she picks up a tray and starts working the bar area and proves herself, so the cute bartender (Cam Gigandet—better known as “James” from “Twilight”) ends up hiring her.  So she is mesmerized by the stage dancers & memorizes all the dance routines as she works waitressing.  Then one of the dancers ends up pregnant, so they must find a replacement.  So Ali (Christina Aguilera) walks into work as they are having auditions & hops on stage to shake her stuff for Tess & ends up landing the gig.

Then one day in the middle of a performance, a jealous dancer goes and pulls the plug on the music & at that moment I bet you can guess what happens!  Yep, Ali belts out some amazing vocals that make you want to laugh & cry at the same time because it was her moment to shine & it just excites you, along with her audience & she rocks the stage.  From that point on, the show is revamped around Ali. 

Even though Ali brings in more business, Tess is struggling with making her 2 mortgage payments & is about to lose the club.  Tess was made an offer by a millionaire wanting to buy her out, but she refuses.  When it seems hopeless & Tess thinks she’s going to lose everything, Ali comes up with a brilliant plan & saves the club. 

There is more to the story than I just summed up…of course there is a little love story mixed in there as well between Ali & Jack (Cam Gigandet).  Shoot, you’ll want to rent this movie just to check out Cam Gigandet…he is much hotter in this movie, then when he played James in Twilight!  You’ll also get to hear Cher belt out a few songs of course & play her typical role as a hard ass bitch, but ya gotta love her.  And Stanley Tucci as her trusty gay sidekick is great, but Stanley Tucci is just an awesome actor & can make any role fabulous!

All in all, I give this movie a big two thumbs up!  So get it added to your Netflix queue pronto, if not for anything else, but to check out smokin’ hot Cam Gigandet!

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